5 Best Holiday Getaway Destinations for Real Estate Pros

There are no excuses for real estate investors and agents not to get away before the end of the year. Taking a break is a must, not a nice to have. If you don’t take time out to recharge, get inspired and map out your game plan for the New Year you’ll be starting off at a major disadvantage to your competition.

Real estate investors and agents absolutely must get away, at least for a couple of days before the end of the year, even if they can’t bear to leave their iPhones and tablets behind. The only question is where should you go?

Here are 5 ideas for the savvy real estate pro…

1. San Diego, CA

It’s sunny, there is plenty to do no matter what you are into from golf to hitting the water or just treating yourself to some incredible seafood. Plus San Diego real estate has been pegged as one of the healthiest markets in the country and a leader for 2013. Why not find out what opportunities there are or what you can replicate in your own market?

2. Vail, CO

For those already living in San Diego or other warmer parts of the country heading off to Vail for a spot of skiing could be exactly the refreshing and exhilarating break you need to enjoy your success. Plus, there is plenty of powerful networking to be done for those who can’t put down their work. Besides you could always scout out a stately new ski lodge for yourself. Use it as a legacy property for family or romantic getaways and double it up as a corporate retreat or vacation home to send clients to.

3. Washington, D.C

Another alternative for those who want to see the snow or treat their kids to it is heading up to the capitol. The White House and politics have played such a huge role in the housing crash, foreclosure crisis and real estate industry and will continue to. So why not go take a look from the President’s vantage point and see why certain decisions are being made. This will be even easier after dining at Greek restaurant Komi where prices average $439 a plate.

4. Miami, FL

On the other hand sun seeking real estate investors and agents might enjoy heading off to Miami’s South Beach to check out the buzz there. No need to worry about catching frostbite while waiting for the ball to drop and a great chance to check out the area’s stunning line up of new condos including the Porsche Design Tower.

5. Connecticut

Connecticut is a frequently overlooked destination by those jet-setting between our sunny coasts and even hitting the big apple. However, CT homes are home to some major celebrities and could hold far more attraction for real estate investors who take a second to look at what’s on the table.

However, perhaps even more importantly Connecticut residents have certainly been through an extremely rough 2012 from foreclosures to hurricane Sandy to the horrible events at Sandy Hook. If you haven’t found anyone to give back to yet this holiday season this might be your opportunity to really make a significant and meaningful impact on someone’s life.