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5 Tips To Improve Networking Success

Posted by JD Esajian // December 12, 2016


As a real estate investor networking is one of the foundations for success. The more people you connect with the greater the chance that you will find deals in your area. The way networking is done has changed over the years.  It is not enough to exchange business cards and meet for coffee a few […]

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5 Basic Items Every Winning Business Plan Has

Posted by JD Esajian // December 8, 2016

business plan

You have been thinking about joining the real estate business and are finally ready to make the plunge. You have read some books, watched some shows and are officially inspired to become a real estate investor.  Before you get too far with looking for properties and making offers you should take a minute and prepare […]

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How To Close Your First Deal In 60 Days

Posted by JD Esajian // December 7, 2016

close a deal

It seems like everyone in business is in a rush to do things as quickly as possible. If success doesn’t happen within the first few months your business may feel behind the eight ball.  The reality is that growing a business takes time.  It is quite rare that you will be flooded with deals upon […]

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Understanding The Differences With Multifamily Financing

Posted by JD Esajian // December 6, 2016

multi-family investing

All lender financing is not created equally. There can be a huge difference in the type of available programs and guidelines when financing just one extra unit.  It may not seem like much but going from a two family to a three can mean as much as an extra 10% down payment.  It also has […]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

Posted by JD Esajian // December 5, 2016

credit score

When is the last time you looked at your credit report? If you are even remotely involved in the real estate business the answer should be within the last thirty days.  If you are not on top of your credit report you run the risk of having to deal with unexpected issues when you least […]

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Analyzing A Property: How To Know If Your Deal Is Solid

Posted by JD Esajian // December 2, 2016

deal evaluation

Most real estate investors are in a constant search of their next deal. Even if they have projects they are currently working on they usually have one eye on the future.  There are times when this quest for a new deal leads them to places they don’t want to be.  They begin entertaining deals, properties […]

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Avoid These Seven Common Investing Mistakes

Posted by JD Esajian // December 1, 2016

mistakes to avoid

Starting a new business is full of unexpected challenges. Knowing exactly the right path to take is always a bit of a mystery.  Even if things don’t end up going your way you never want to have any regrets.  You can live with mistakes but regrets will eat you alive.  One of the things that […]

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