5 Tips To Ensure Email Marketing Success

email marketing

There is no denying that we live in a digital world. All you need to do is take a walk in a mall or look around at a ballgame and you will see people glued to their mobile devices.  Your success as a real estate investor can be tied to how well you capture leads through technology.  One of the ways to utilize technology is through email campaigns.  A well-constructed email campaign can give any business a quick jumpstart.  However if you do not take the time and think about every step of the process you will end up disappointed in the results.  If you are looking for a cost effective way to generate leads email is one of the best options available.  Here are five tips to help ensure email marketing success.

  • Grab Attention Quickly. Think about what influences your decision to read an email or not. For most people the subject line determines whether the email is even opened. If the subject line doesn’t grab attention or generate interest the email is quickly deleted. Finding the right mix of flash and substance is not always easy. If the subject is too outlandish you won’t be taken seriously but if it is too dull the email won’t be opened. Getting the email read is only the first part of the process. The first line or two of the email needs to reinforce the point of the subject and keep the reader interested. You really only have a few lines to grab and hold their attention. Most readers will make up their mind to keep reading or delete within the first five seconds. You can have the most well-constructed email but if the introduction doesn’t grab attention it won’t make a difference.
  • Sound Authentic. As you prepare your email campaign you need to consider the type of tone you want to set. It is a good idea to have several emails written before you send the first one out. Each follow up should touch on something the previous email said while teasing a topic for the next one. The best emails are the ones that sound authentic. If you are trying to build your local network you don’t need to use fancy words and specific real estate jargon. This can actually make you sound less intelligent. The alternative is writing in a conversational tone that is easy to read. People want to work with people they feel they know and have a connection with. The more authentic and real you sound the easier it is for the reader to get an idea of who they may be working with. When they do reach out to you they will feel like they know you and give the relationship a head start.
  • Keep List Small. As obvious as it may seem it should be stated that you need to target your email list. You shouldn’t simply blast out spam emails to hundreds of unsuspecting recipients. Not only is this essentially a waste of time but you may have to deal with several angry people. The alternative is spending more time, and possibly money, finding the best list for you and your goals. With any campaign it is better to send with increased frequency to a small list than try to hit a large group once. Your list needs to reflect your goals. Is your campaign looking to build your local profile and contact base? Are you looking to find deals through distressed homeowners? Does your list consist of recent homeowners in probate or facing divorce? Whoever the recipients are will change the campaign entirely. Keep your list small enough where you can handle any potential call volume. Getting your phone to ring may seem like a good problem to have but you may be wasting money if you are not properly capturing leads. Start with a list you can handle and work your way up from there.
  • Analyze Data. The goal of any type of marketing is to be as efficient as possible. The only way to know what is going on with your campaign is to track and monitor every piece of data available. Something as minor as when the email is sent could have a direct impact on the open rate. One of the true benefits of using a third party company to handle the campaign is that they do most of this work for you. They will provide you with stats and figures. It is up to you to use this information to make any changes going forward. A small tweak to your campaign can make a big difference. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not analyze the data provided.
  • Follow Up. Any recipient that takes the time to respond to your email is at least a somewhat interested in you or your services. It is important that you take the time to follow up with any and everybody who reached out to you. Put them in a spreadsheet that you can use for future campaigns. What typically happens with marketing campaigns is that the sender gets flooded with responses and lets a few good leads fall through the cracks. It is critical that you follow up with anybody that reaches out to you in the first twenty four hours. The quicker you get back the more likely you can establish a relationship.

Email campaigns have grown in popularity in recent years. For the relative low cost and ease to outsource this should be a marketing option you strongly consider.