5 Old School Marketing Methods That Still Work Today


It is no secret that there has been a definite shift in the way businesses approach marketing. Today social media, website development and mobile marketing are the common starting points.  While these can certainly be effective they are not the only options.  It wasn’t that long ago when face to face and direct marketing were the only options available. They may seem primitive to some but they can still be quite effective in any market.  What you will find is that most people like to put a face behind a name.  By establishing yourself in your local area it opens the door to a world of marketing options.  Here are five old school marketing methods that can still produce results.

  • Local Team Sponsorship.  In almost every town there are a handful of sports teams that need sponsors. Sponsoring a team really isn’t anything more than paying to put your business name on the back of the uniform. Some investors may feel that this is a poor allocation of capital but the opposite is often the case. If you are trying to build your businesses presence what can be more important than focusing on your local market. Not only do you get your name out to the dozen or so kids on the little league team but if there are five other teams you can reach 60 more households. This doesn’t factor in all of the parents, friends and family that come to every game. All it takes is one person to reach out to you to make the sponsorship worth it. Even if you don’t get an immediate return your name is now known in your local community. This can have an impact on any future marketing you do.
  • Business Card Exchanges. As much as society as shifted to mobile there is still a large segment that has clung to the past. There are many business owners who like to personally exchange contact information and business cards. Every time you leave the house you should have a stack of business cards either in your pocket or in your car. You never want to let an opportunity to exchange cards slip through your fingers by not being prepared. The most common place to exchange cards is at networking meetings and investment clubs. After talking for a few minutes you need to carry that momentum and exchange cards. Once you have their information you should follow up with them in the next 24 hours. Exchanging business cards may seem like a waste of time but if you use the information to your advantage you can find a contact or deal that can impact your business.
  • Guest Writing. There are a handful of different ways you can write to generate interest and market your business. The first is by looking reaching out to your local town publication. Almost all towns have a biweekly or monthly newspaper that is looking for content. Reach out to the editor and ask if they would be open to continuing segment on real estate and investing. In most cases they would be more than willing and open to the idea. You don’t need to be an expert writer to contribute to a local newspaper. If you can write 400 words on a market trend or a past deal you will be fine. There are also plenty of real estate & investing blogs you can contribute to. In much the same way that your local newspaper works these websites are always looking for content. When your article is posted you can then use them on your social media accounts and even your website. There is something about having your name in print that solidifies you as an authority in your market.
  • Email Campaigns. A good snail email campaign can be quite an effective way to market your business. With snail email the recipient gets to see a little bit about you and your business. Like any other marketing the key is consistency. Snail mail only works if you are willing to follow up and continue the process regardless of the results. It can take as many as six or seven emails for your name to be acknowledged. During this time you may get some harsh email responses but it is all part of the deal. A solid email campaign with a picture attached at the bottom will often have a bigger impact on your marketing than you may think.
  • Local Happy Hour. Regardless of the business or industry people like free stuff. They also like booze and food. A clever way to combine these is by sponsoring a happy hour for local real estate agents, wholesalers or attorney. This casual setting is a great way for people to let their guards down and talk business in a relaxed environment. The cost of a happy hour shouldn’t be more than a couple hundred dollars but it will make you stand out from your peers. Even if you don’t connect at the happy hour free food and drinks should allow people to listen to you the next time you reach out to them. In a marketing world where everyone is the same a happy hour can help you stand out from the crowd.

The best marketing campaigns offer a mix of old and new school methods. Regardless of what you do and how you do it you need to do something to market your business every day.