60 Real Estate Blog Ideas To Boost Your Website’s Performance

Real estate blog

Ready to unleash a powerful stream of real estate blogs to drum up business this year?

Real estate blogging remains one of the most important and valuable tools available to investors, agents, and industry businesses. But what do you blog about? It can be a challenge just to consistently come up with topics and title ideas. So here are 60 ideas for spurring your real estate blogging efforts, and ensuring a great start to the New Year:

  1. Your local real estate market forecast for 2016
  2. Comment on how higher interest rates will impact local sellers, buyers, and investors
  3. How the economy will impact the real estate market this year
  4. Your plans and new announcements for 2016
  5. A call for readers to join you on social media networks
  6. Announce a new email newsletter, and issue a call to sign up
  7. Market statistics and updated data
  8. The attraction of homes as Valentine’s Day gifts
  9. How to use real estate to minimize taxes ahead of April filing deadline
  10. The home buying process
  11. The home selling process
  12. Best local restaurants
  13. Best local coffee shops
  14. Best local interior designers, and furniture stores
  15. Top things to do in the area
  16. Upcoming events
  17. Top local Twitter accounts to follow
  18. Smart home tech for homeowners to add to their properties
  19. Top property developments of 2016
  20. A recap of your best real estate blog posts of last year
  21. A call for those seeking referrals to reach out to you, and vice versa
  22. Contact information and resources for those moving into the area
  23. The best rated, and top reviewed local moving companies
  24. Coverage of celebrity real estate deals and listings
  25. Tips for negotiating the best home loan deals
  26. Types of real estate financing available
  27. New loan program launches
  28. Best home improvements for adding value
  29. Social good your company is doing
  30. Highlight local heroes and others doing good for the community
  31. Announce a competition
  32. Poll your Facebook followers and publish the results
  33. Poll your LinkedIn contacts and publish the results
  34. Cover local Easter events
  35. Open house announcements
  36. Announce an award and nominate someone for it, or ask for nominations
  37. Highlight new team additions or strategic partnerships
  38. Highlight any press and media mentions you receive
  39. Resources for international buyers and investors
  40. Your processes and systems, and what customers should expect
  41. New software or tools you are adding this year
  42. New real estate website features
  43. Invite readers for a meetup to talk local real estate
  44. Highlight new reviews and feedback you receive
  45. A list of your favorite quotes
  46. Create an infographic on market
  47. Put together a brief history of your city
  48. Profile different neighborhoods, communities, or condo buildings
  49. Review of common architectural styles, and how they are changing
  50. List of local companies that are hiring workers
  51. Create a slide show of local artwork
  52. Review local small businesses
  53. Highlights of your best moments in real estate
  54. Create a slide show of your favorite property listings or past deals
  55. Thanks for reading your real estate blog
  56. Introduce your blog team and their stories
  57. Your backstory and why you got into real estate
  58. Roundup of the latest news stories
  59. How to move up from renter to homeowner
  60. Wealth building and real estate investment tips

There is plenty to blog about. If you blog daily, this list ought to keep you going for the next couple of months. If you publish less often, it will last you even longer. Need more ideas, or the time to write them? Consider hiring a copywriter, and potentially an assistant to upload and publish your posts consistently. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the power and importance of content marketing and blogging for your business in 2016. It can take some thought and investment, but the results are more than worth it.

What will you blog about this year?