6 Creative Real Estate Marketing Tactics

Marketing for leads

Ready for some new real estate marketing tactics to boost your business? Need more real estate leads, ready to maximize your sales volume, or just roll out some marketing that will blow the competition away and establish you at the highest level?

There are lots of real estate marketing channels that can work. It’s important not to just hop from one marketing idea to the next without giving the last one a fair chance, and to maintain a consistent marketing mix. However, for those that like disrupting the status quo, and pushing the limits, here are some alternative marketing ideas:

1. Get a Retail Storefront:  There has been a major push online over the past 10 years. Many real estate investors, investment firms, and brokerages that are thriving now never would have been possible without the web and the lean model that the internet, outsourcing, and working from home offers. However, the real estate market and economy are a lot stronger now. Coming back offline into the real world is trending again. For many, having a physical office that captures a lot of traffic can be an excellent marketing tool. Don’t stretch and bury yourself with overhead, but if you can afford it comfortably, it’s worth testing out.

2. Tattoos: One of the fastest growing real estate companies over the past few years began giving team members a better deal if they tattooed the company’s logo on themselves. A tattoo offers 24/7 branding and marketing 365 days a year, even when team members are off the clock. It can be an instant conversation starter. And there are plenty of ways to incorporate this to catch media attention, build customer and team loyalty, and more. It will certainly limit staff poaching. After all, what competitors are going to hire your crew when they have your logo as a sleeve in blazing color? For the really serious actual branding has been coming back in some places. For the less confident, and special events there are custom temporary tattoos.

3. Launch a New Blog: Maybe you already have a real estate blog you have been nursing along. Maybe yours is doing great and you just want to do more of it. But why not spin off a new one. Blogs are one of the lowest cost, highest ROI real estate marketing tools available. You don’t just have to have one either. Could a blog led by one of your team members be a hit? What about a collaborative blog and joint project with other local real estate pros and business owners?

4. Give Gifts: The reason that most real estate advertising just hits a brick wall or the trash can is that it is self-serving spam being thrown at prospects. Some of it might get through. If you spam enough you might get enough deals and make a ton of money. It doesn’t matter if what you are sending is really valuable or can help, if it isn’t wanted. So change that dynamic. Send things that people actually want, and will be happy to receive. It doesn’t have to be obscenely expensive, and will definitely have better success when sent to those you’ve already had contact with, but dare to push the limits.

5. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality may not have caught on in marketing quite as fast as anticipated, but it is growing. This gives adventurous real estate pros and brands a great opportunity to still get out ahead of the pack. There are many ways to implement this from apps to outdoor advertising displays, print advertising, to business cards, and on signs. Have fun with it and make something new a piece of our reality.

6. Retreats: How about a new spin on real estate tours and corporate retreats. Why not combine the two and offer prospects a whole new experience. Don’t just make them fly in for a day and rush them around properties, or leave the chance they’ll invest out of area in your area up to chance. Bring them together, get people bonding, and develop the relationships.