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Understanding The New Real Estate Market Landscape

Posted by JD Esajian // July 31, 2015

Real estate landscape

How are new trends, business rules, and other factors changing today’s real estate market? More importantly, how can you use the new rules to your advantage? Some things may never change, but it is very clear that some things have already changed. So how has the real estate landscape and business changed? What does that […]

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9 Tricks To Help You Increase Real Estate Profit Margins

Posted by JD Esajian // July 30, 2015

Express gratitude

How can you run a leaner real estate company, and enjoy larger profit margins? We are now in an era of ultra-lean startups and even leaner revenue producing organizations. Those that aren’t lean enough, and are burdened with thin margins, are at a serious disadvantage. Plus, who wants to have the most lackluster real estate […]

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8 Unconventional Real Estate Investing Methods

Posted by JD Esajian // July 29, 2015

Single-family home

Looking for some unconventional ways to invest in real estate? Wholesaling real estate, rehabbing houses and building new construction homes are all good staples that continue to deliver great returns. However, there are always those looking for something new: the path less traveled. The following list offers some additional options for those looking to diversify […]

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How Important Is The Title Company You Choose To Work With?

Posted by JD Esajian // July 28, 2015

Men shaking hands at table.

Do real estate buyers still need to work with title companies? If so, how much does the title company you choose really matter? In the mad rush to scoop up real estate deals over the last decade, many homebuyers and real estate investors have tried going without title companies. Others simply haven’t cared who is […]

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What A Night In San Francisco Will Teach You About Investing

Posted by JD Esajian // July 27, 2015

San Francisco real estate

San Francisco, California is one of the best known cities in the world. So what will spending a night in The Golden Gate City teach you about real estate? Today, San Francisco is known as a business city; the epicenter of which is around 40 percent of all venture capital invested, and a popular tourist […]

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When Is A Real Estate Market Too Expensive?

Posted by JD Esajian // July 24, 2015

Expensive real estate

Is there a point when real estate markets can become too expensive? While most of the world still sees U.S. real estate as a bargain, some stateside investors are griping about rapidly appreciating house prices. With that in mind, when does a market become dangerously expensive? At the very least, is there a time when […]

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Can Restaurant Data Help Local Investors?

Posted by JD Esajian // July 23, 2015

Restaurant row

How can real estate investors hack the best investments using restaurant data? No matter what type of real estate investors are interested in, local restaurant information can provide great insight into where to find the best deals, the strength of the local market, and how best to market rentals. There are many tools for evaluating […]

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Putting The Right Work Into Your Rental Properties

Posted by JD Esajian // July 22, 2015

Man picturing dream home

In many markets, rental properties are still in high demand. With some of this demand having cooled in recent months, it is important to put the right work into your properties. Not only will the right work help you maximize your monthly rental amount, but it will help you reduce the chance of vacancy. Putting […]

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What To Look For In A Rental Property

Posted by JD Esajian // July 21, 2015

Rental property overlooking beach

There are many different ways to successfully invest in real estate. While rehabbing and flipping are currently the most popular methods, there other ways to make a profit. One of the tried and true ways to build a portfolio is by acquiring rental property. Not every good property makes a good rental property, however. There […]

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Renovating For Success: Win Remote Worker Buyers

Posted by JD Esajian // July 20, 2015

How can real estate investors boost success by renovating properties with the new remote workforce in mind? Sixty percent of the workforce is on its way to working remotely. That’s a massive percentage of the U.S. and international housing markets. Some are self-proclaimed digital nomads, and others just enjoy working from home. Unfortunately, housing hasn’t […]

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