The Best Cars For Real Estate Investors In 2015

Side mirror of car

Real estate investors and agents are known for their cars. So what are top vehicles for property professionals in 2015, and beyond?

An investor’s mode of transportation is a part of who they are. Their automobile is an integral part of their operations. Luxury cars have been a staple in real estate advertising and branding materials for many years. Last year’s National Association of Realtors Member Profile revealed that many agents spend more on their cars than their real estate websites. Many might spend more on automobiles than all of their marketing put together. Some claim that their choice of car is responsible for closing many deals. All should know that their transport is inseparably linked to their personal brand, level of productivity, and net profits.

So what should Realtors and other real estate professionals be driving in 2015, and beyond?

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van: The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van may not be the regular everyday ride for most real estate professionals, but it does have a purpose in every fleet. The Benz Sprinter is flexible, highly customizable, and incredibly inexpensive for a Mercedes. Some may convert them into luxury motor homes for traveling. They could be a sweet mobile home office for digital nomads. They could be used for carpooling teams, and may make great choices for small tour buses. Why not use them to provide foreclosure tours, or tours of luxury homes?
  • Tesla Model S 70D: Elon Musk’s Tesla brand offers the perfect combination of class and sustainability. Many Realtors care about the environment, but many cringe at the thought of being seen driving a Prius. Tesla has you covered. Choose the stylish Model X, or the brand new Model S 70D. The Model S 70D starts at just $75,000 and offers pretty rapid acceleration from 0-60. Make a statement without sacrificing values or style.
  • Challenger Hellcat: The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will get real estate pros where they need to go, fast. With 707 horsepower, this muscle car is a beast. Even though it is priced higher than many luxury brand vehicles, this Dodge is virtually impossible to get a hold of. At least for right now. If you can get over it being a Dodge, you’ll find the adrenaline rush refreshing. Get out and drive for a few minutes at lunch time to boost your energy levels!
  • Rolls Royce Project Cullinan: Rolls Royce is working on a new off-road SUV. While we may not know what the final design will look like yet, you can bet it will be an impressive machine. One that will demand attention. At the very least, it will certainly be a conversation starter.
  • Driverless Cars: Driverless cars are coming. Mercedes has its own in the works. The Audi A7 self-driving car has been making the rounds. Whether you think you need one or not, some global cities are even being built exclusively for driverless cars. Even where they aren’t mandatory, Realtors can find many potential advantages. Get more work done on your commute. Or, spend more time engaging clients which showing houses.
  • BMW i8:The new BMW i8 takes the hybrid car to a whole new level. You’ll never think of hybrids the same after seeing this machine. While substantially different than the first concepts of its kind, this is one ride that is as dazzling in performance as it is for the environment. This plug-in features swan-wing doors, and can hit 60 mph faster than the M3. It will set Realtors back around $140,000 or over $2,000 per month for a lease, but this ride might be worth it. For those on a tighter budget, the BMW i3 offers a brand name and eco-friendly car for less.
  • Maybach S600: The all-new 2016 Maybach S600 blends luxury with a 6.0 liter V12 turbo engine. It’s exclusive and hi-tech, but what real estate professionals should love most about the Maybach is the interior. This is the ultimate mobile command center for Realtors and CEOs. Do business on the road in comfort, or close deals with ease in the back of your luxurious mobile office that comes complete with champagne flutes.