The True Value Of A Real Estate Coach

Man speaking to a large room

Why do highly successful real estate investors get into coaching?

What motivates real estate coaches to teach others? How much value is there in their real estate education offerings, and what should aspiring property investors look for in a good coach or training program?

Why Teach if You Can Do?

Teachers, in general, have sadly been put down with sayings like “those that can’t do, teach.” While there may have been some accusations of popular real estate authors and program vendors having little real proven experience, there are certainly others that are very clearly masters of investing in real estate.

There are also many teachers and coaches in all types of settings which have tremendous experience, and are still active in their fields, but choose to teach. There are high school science teachers that have traveled to space with NASA, and real estate moguls that have made millions flipping houses, but choose to teach. why do they do it?

While there is certainly some money to be made in providing education, and perhaps more from specialist training, the overwhelming majority of educators certainly don’t choose to teach for the size of the paycheck, or easy hours. By studying the stories of today’s real estate coaches, most will find that they are driven to share their knowledge and experience with others to help them. Those that have already been successful don’t want to keep what they know to themselves. They hold the keys to the knowledge that can help others and their families get ahead financially, enjoy more of life, and avoid the big blunders which can otherwise derail goals and progress.

Some might question the intelligence of sharing such information with others when it is so valuable. That is truly small minded, especially in a field as expansive as real estate. Some might feel they can win more if they keep information from others. The truly successful, on the other hand, know that not only is there far more real estate deals to be done in the U.S. than any one or any giant fund can handle, but a “rising tide lifts all ships.” Beyond helping other individuals succeed, the better everyone does in real estate, the better the economy does. Some see the real estate business as a battlefield of competing Realtors and investors. Others see the power and benefits of collaboration. Most individuals and companies have no need to directly compete with each other, and can find even greater success by working together.

Types of Real Estate Coaching

There are many different types of real estate coaching:

  • Seminars
  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Email courses
  • Home study programs
  • Podcasts
  • Coaching calls
  • Individual mentorship

Is There Value in it?

One of the most common questions aspiring real estate investors have today is how valuable real estate coaching is.

To answer this; it is perhaps best to first ask what value any type of education has. Why do the world’s most intelligent individuals and philanthropists give so much importance to education? Why are so many millions and billions spent on education if it has no value? Why are smart individuals willing to work so hard for so many years, and to invest so much in higher education if it doesn’t have value?

Clearly, most believe that learning is important, and perhaps investing in education is the best move to be made. With this in mind, it seems almost ironic that individuals would question the need and value of practical, financial education like real estate investing. So many years and dollars are put into learning things which will virtually never be used, and will not provide any assistance in getting ahead in life. So shouldn’t real estate investment education be even more highly prized?

There are many success stories of those that have gone from nothing to millions by investing in real estate. So many, that it is hard to ignore or discount.

Getting a reasonable about of information about an investment, business, or any financial transaction is critical for success. However, there is also a tremendous difference between just doing okay at something, and being great. This is why presidents, leading CEOs, and Olympic athletes all have coaches, and often more than one. These high performance individuals understand the value and need of a coach to become their best.

Clearly, few new real estate investors can afford to bring on a seven figure coach as if they were a pro sports team right out of the gate. However, getting the right mindset about real estate education, finding a source that is generous and credible, and committing to scaling your investment in coaching and your own success as you grow will only make things go more smoothly.