Don’t Miss These Productivity Boosting Tips For Real Estate Investors

Man multitasking

Ready to make the next quarter your most productive yet? Test out the following productivity tips for real estate professionals and say “hello” to more of the rewards that got you into real estate in the first place.

A lot of people get into real estate for the money, but creating your own schedule is right up there with monetary gains. Unfortunately, even if enjoyable, real estate can rapidly become consuming – especially when starting out. So how can real estate professionals get more out of their time, or get more done in less time, and truly experience everything the business has to offer?


How about simply unplugging and disconnecting more? The hyper-connectivity status we live in today is a serious focus killer. We’d get tasks done faster if we could stay unplugged more. Much of our work could be done offline if batched well. What if you batched your online and offline work and vowed to close the laptop and turnoff the mobile phone while doing everything that can be done offline. No more need for extra apps to monitor and block how many times you check our inbox or Facebook. No more allowing texts and phone calls to interrupt just as you are getting in your zone. While separation from the internet and all devices even for an hour or two may sound like I have gone too far, it might be just what you need.


Music can provide incredible energy, yet all too often real estate professionals, along with many other office based workers, end up working in mind-numbing silence. Right brained real estate agents and investors may find this is exactly what they need to enhance focus. Those that find it a distraction to work and listen at the same time, might find regular music breaks the answer. Instead of the usual walking circuit in quiet – throw on the beats and get pumped up before hitting the screen again.

Sleep More

Sleeping is in. From Arianna Huffington to Jeff Bezos, sleeping more is now the thing to do. 8 hours is supposed to be the acceptable minimum good night’s rest and today’s top leaders say they won’t skimp no matter what. They insist it helps them work better when they are in action. Of course, there are personal exceptions. The great thing about being in business for yourself is that you have complete scheduling freedom. That means you can go hard for a few days when you are really on fire and then catch up by sleeping 12 hours on the weekend.

The One Thing To-Do List

Goals are great. Accomplishing a lot is great. However, gurus in the time management space and those at the top who are actually achieving more are moving towards a single item daily to-do list. Get that done. Everything else you can do on top of that is a bonus. This strategy will help you get the most important work done, and see more of the results you really desire.

Choose to be Positive

Even for the most efficient time ninja, real estate agent, investor, or industry CEO there will be days when things don’t start, or continue to go as planned. Sometimes it will seem like the entire universe is working against you and your to-do list for the day. Breathe. Allowing yourself to become frustrated by exterior forces, and small chains of less than desirable coincidences will just make things worse, and make it even less likely you’ll turn the day around in your favor. The domino effect can then kick in for the following days too. Fortunately; this is a choice. Refuse to allow these things to burst your bubble of positivity. Each time something negative happens choose to find a positive way to look at it, or simply focus on the positive actions you can make, and find something positive to cling to and be grateful for. Verbalize the positivity, and you’ll find that not only does business go better, but you’ll be enjoying life more too.


This may not be a new idea, but it remains one of the best possible daily actions real estate pros can make. This doesn’t have to be intense. A little morning yoga, walk, swim, body weight exercises at home, or even a game of tennis can do a lot to get all the systems firing.

More Time Off

More time off might be the trick to increased productivity for many. Regular time off each week, can do wonders for avoiding burnout, and helping to get the most done when you are in the midst of it. Try it.