The 6 Day Challenge For San Diego Real Estate Professionals

Hand holding rice in the shape of a heart

Calling all San Diego real estate investors, agents, CEOs, and industry vendors! Can you take this 6 day challenge?

San Diego real estate professionals have it made. Spreads in the area make it possible to earn a lot more in Southern California, than in many cities across the country. As a result, successful San Diego investors find ways to donate to charity. It can be life changing, or at least help us maintain perspective and appreciate our own lives more. A great way to accomplish this is with the following #sixdaychallenge for real estate pros. Take it – if you can:

Day 1: Eat

Every seven seconds, two people die from hunger. Millions more are deprived of a sustainable diet. In many parts of the world, it is not uncommon for an individual to survive off of one cup of rice a day. Why not try it yourself to get some perspective? Spend day one only eating a cup of rice to remember them. Don’t worry; you can go back to your zero carb, high protein diet on day two.

Day 2: Walk

Almost two billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water! Just to get a drink, many children have to walk almost 4 miles a day. Walk four miles today. For the advanced San Diego real estate athlete – take the ‘Jerry Can’ challenge with two five gallon containers to add some extra weight (though you may want to consult a medical professional before attempting this).

Day 3: Leave Your Shoes at Home

Did you know some 300 million kids don’t have shoes? Try going all day without your shoes (and socks). It may be even more powerful if you count how many pairs of shoes you have in your house, and how much they cost.

Day 4: Cut the Power

As many as 25% of the people on the planet don’t have consistent electricity. Imagine making what you are making and running a successful San Diego County real estate operation with no electricity! Try going all day without using electricity. If you must, you can use your laptop, tablet, and phone until they run out of battery. No recharging. If clients or vendors have a problem with it, this is a great opportunity to share the challenge with them, or send them notifications the day before.

Day 5: Sleep on the Floor

There are a conservatively estimated 200 million homeless in the world. Many more don’t have beds. Try sleeping on the floor on day 5. If nothing else, you’ll probably find it a lot easier to get up for day 6!

Day 6: Skip the Starbucks

This may be the hardest day for many San Diego real estate workers. Millions of individuals around the planet live on just around $1 a day. Trying not spending more than $1 today. Leave the credit cards at home, and only leave the house with a single $1 bill. No cheating by using Apple Pay or your Google Wallet on your smartphone either. That will probably mean foregoing the venti Frappuccino’s, chai teas and sodas, but you can do it.

Day 7: Make Your Gratitude List

Don’t worry; you can take it easy today. Rest and recuperate. You can even get back to enjoying all those critical necessities you have been depriving yourself from. Slip on the Gucci loafers, have your driver pull the Maybach out of the garage and take you to the spa on the way to the bay for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, demand the coldest sparkling water, and don’t be shy about insisting the barista at the drive-thru remakes your favorite caffeinated beverage until they get it perfectly. Then before slipping off into dreamland in your own bed make a list of all the things you are grateful for, and all the reasons you are grateful for being in the San Diego real estate business. Keep this list in sight.

You can do it!

The idea of this challenge is not to torture you re make you feel bad for having what you worked so hard for. However, it is intended to inspire. At the very least you should have gained insight as to how the rest of the world lives. With that in mind, consider how you may make charitable contributions. It may just be the best thing you do for your business all year.