San Diego Real Estate Investors: Making A Difference In The Community (Part 2)

What are some of the great ways that San Diego real estate investors can make a difference in the community? How can their actions actually bring a community together? The answers may surprise you. Investors have more pull than you may think.

Southern California real estate professionals are in a unique position to leverage their time and contribute to the local community. Benefits aside, this is really a fantastic way to make a difference, give back, pay it forward, and rejuvenate your own passion for being a part of this industry.

In part 1 we talked about the following ways to give back:

  1. Introducing Someone to Their Dream Home
  2. Doing More Than You Promised
  3. Doing What You Promised
  4. Sending a Referral
  5. Sending a Random Gift
  6. Investing in Something They Care About

Now let’s dig into 8 more ideas for making the world a little better, one smile at a time:

Donate for Someone

Nonprofits and various charitable platforms offer investors the opportunity to donate on someone’s behalf. So many people want to give and help others, but find they are too busy, confused by the options, or don’t have the financial surplus at the right moments. Even making a small donation on someone’s behalf can do a world of good for those involved. They’ll even get ongoing updates about the progress made with ‘their’ donation, and see what a great impact they are making.

Share the Social Love

The concept of social media is so simple that many fail to truly appreciate its value. Think about how much you crave and love receiving Facebook likes, re-pins, shares, +1s, re-Tweets, and more. Why on earth would San Diego real estate investors expect others to take the time out of their hectic schedules to like their social updates, if they won’t do the same for others? This can actually be one of the most meaningful ways to reach out to others. And it’s incredibly easy, fast, and free. Liking someone’s social media post is essentially an endorsement of your approval. For all intents and purposes, it is a referral. With enough influence, a simple like could turn into a lot of business.

Leave an Awesome Tip

Leaving an impressive tip can be a great way to make someone’s day. Servers, baristas, valets, drivers, and others work really hard. When was the last time you had to put in 18 hours on your feet, or work through your family’s favorite holidays? These workers keep you going so that you can achieve more. Why not make their day? You’d be surprised at how it could help them.

Time Off

San Diego real estate investors with their own team are advised to take care of them. One of the best ways to do so is to give them time off. It could be a couple days to chase a new project, a much needed week off to keep their families together, or be beside those that are important to them. Whatever the reason; time off can be a game changer. If you burn them out, they’ll take the time off anyway, and won’t be productive when they are there. Get ahead of the game and give them the time. You will notice a sense of ownership that may not have been present for a while. A simple gesture like this will foster a team cohesion that allows the office to work more efficiently.

New Perks or Bonuses

Whether you own a Southern California real estate business, have a small real estate team of assistants, or run another business while selling or investing, handing out some unexpected perks can really refuel team members. For the conservative, it’s fine to use perks that will help you if you must. This might be tickets to a training seminar, conferences, gym memberships, or unlimited Starbucks gift cards. Holiday and anniversary bonuses or raises can also go a long way in making them feel appreciated.

Turn Them onto the Power of Real Estate Investing

You know the perks of investing in real estate. Why shouldn’t all those you know be introduce to those financial and lifestyle benefits? A mortgage company’s employees shouldn’t be renting! A real estate assistant should own a home. Those that serve you and help you focus on being a master of your game ought to be enlightened on how they can move up too.

Send an Inspiring Book

Have you ever read something that was incredibly inspirational or picked up a real estate course that changed your life? Send it to someone else, or order them a copy. Pay it forward.

Recommend Them

If you aren’t their boss, then tell their managers how great they are doing at their job. Compliment them on how refreshing it is that they are doing a good job, and let them know it matters. A little appreciation can go a long way. Or, if it is another business owner, write them a great review online.