Highly Productive Working Environments For Real Estate Professionals

How can real estate investors create more productive working environments?

We all have the same hours in the day. Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and you are all given 24 hours a day to do with as you wish. The level of results each individual experiences is directly correlated to how they spend their time. Real estate education and business training can be critical for adopting better systems, improving time management, and making sure that we are working on the most important items. However, at some point productivity may come down to our working environment. So how can we optimize that space in order to get more out of the day, boost results, and boost income?

Efficiency & Empowerment in Workspace Design

This begins with choosing your best type of working space. For some real estate professionals, it may be a home office. For others, it could be a corner office in a high profile building, or a shared desk in a co-working space, a retail storefront, or something else. Some hyperactive real estate agents and investors might even find optimizing their vehicles as offices to be the best environment. Today’s latest vehicles can see interiors transformed into luxurious, high-tech, connected offices and meeting spaces that can help close deals on the go.

For others, building more efficiency into their spaces may mean making sure that they are undisturbed, have more and larger screens to work faster, incorporate standing desks, or at least better office chairs. Well thought out real estate work-spaces ensure that every possible movement is fully optimized.

Inspiring Workspace for Real Estate Pros

Getting the most out of time isn’t just about mechanics. How efficient and powerful thinking is can play a huge role in the success of real estate professionals. Does your space inspire you? Get you pumped up? Best enable you to act on the inspiration you tap into?

What is inspirational may be a little different for everyone. Some may do fine looking out of their offices over historic buildings in the Northeast and Connecticut. Others might find it most inspiring to move out to Southern California and score a home office overlooking the spectacular Pacific coastline.

Dig in to determine what really inspires you and spurs creative and strategic thinking. It could be installing an awesome sounds system or creating a flexible indoor/outdoor space that allows you to do some yoga. It might even be framing your goals on the wall, or covering the walls in Idea Paint so that you can map out brainstorms and strategy on the fly.

Healthy Real Estate Workspace Design

This may be one of the most overlooked areas of workspace design for real estate pros and their teams, but can be one of the most important. When it comes to optimizing productivity, everything matters. This includes feeling your best and helping your crew avoid sick days.

Most real estate companies and independent professionals will find that there is a lot that they can do to create healthier working spaces. This can apply to the type of pain and flooring used, to air quality and flow with better AC units or keeping on top of filter changes, as well as general cleanliness, and smarter placement of electronics.

It also applies to what real estate workers consume and put in their bodies. Do you have healthy vending machines, or snack stations and food prep stations?


There is clearly much that can be done to create healthier, more inspiring, and efficient workspaces for real estate professionals and their teams. Pass on the knowledge, and experience the productivity boosts throughout your organization and own personal performance.