9 Small Tasks That Will Super-Size Your Real Estate Success

Real estate is typically associated with large moves and transactions. So how can “going small” help real estate professionals realize more success?

So what are some of the small tasks that real estate pros can make, for big results?


Publishing a real estate blog everyday can be one of the best moves real estate investors make. It may not always be inspirational or appear easy, but it is well worth it. Consider this: over the span of 36 months, a daily blog would mean having a real estate website around 1,000 pages strong. That’s a lot of visibility, a lot of online power and magnetism.

Reflect on Your Goals

This may not be the first, or tenth time you’ve heard this, but it is easy to slack on doing, yet so critical. Daily review, and reflection on your goals will keep you motivated and on track, while preventing detours.


Taking a walk for even just a few minutes each day can have many benefits for real estate professionals. The exercise alone can keep you in better shape, keep up energy, spur inspiration, provide insight into the local real estate market and opens up opportunities.


How about giving a little something each day? It can do wonders for others, and brings a new type of reward into your life – one that you simply can’t buy with all the proceeds your real estate career offers. It doesn’t have to be much. It could be a book, a coffee, a meal, or a few pennies.

Get Out and Mingle

It is true that thanks to technology entire real estate careers, portfolios, and businesses can be run from behind a screen from the sofa, an office with no windows, or a remote beach. However, staying cooped up can be detrimental. It can cut real estate investors and agents and CEOs off from the real reality in the street. And it can dull the mind. So get out. Try to get out and mingle every day, even if it is dinner, lunch, or just a coffee.

Add 5 New Social Media Contacts Each Day

Despite almost all Realtors proclaiming to be on social media today very few do it well. Most have very weak connections. This doesn’t just impact ROI on all marketing investments, hold back strategic partnerships, limit deal making, and make for lack luster branding, but can make everything a little harder. While paid ads, and hiring outsourced assistants can be a solution, taking the time to add just 5 new social media contacts on LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter every day can quickly add up. And it’s free.

Learn Something

If you aren’t growing you are shrinking. There are endless reasons to keep learning, and many choices. It can be reading a few pages of a book each day, attending a seminar, plugging in a podcast on the road, or keep up with a few key real estate blogs. Whatever your thing is, tap into it and keep on learning and expanding your mind, knowledge, and expertise. This will become your most valuable asset.

Meet Someone New

Social media is great, but it isn’t quite the same as reality yet. Whether you are a Realtor, investor, or real estate business owner – your success is directly tied to the number of new people you meet and connect with. Sometimes you may do this in mass at networking events or tradeshows, but don’t overlook the power of making new personal connections on a regular basis. It may seem awkward at first, but it will become easier and more natural. It can be purposeful meetings with other real estate industry professionals, or casual encounters while you are waiting in line or playing with the kids at the park. So be more social, in reality.

Shop the Competition

It is absolutely mind-blowing and bewildering at how little market research some entrepreneurs do. Everyone has seen the billboards and yard signs of the biggest spending Realtor in town, but that doesn’t qualify as real research. What are these firms and pros really doing? What’s working or not? What is the experience of trying to do business with them really like? Call, email, mystery shop. Find out.