The $80 Million Real Estate Rolodex

The Realtors representing an $80 million estate in Florida recently boasted that their listing and sale were each the result of hard work in building an extensive Rolodex of billionaire prospects. So how can more real estate agents and investors build their own $80M Rolodex and add more high end deals to their resumes?

While the traditional desktop Rolodex may have become antiquated, there is no question that a strong contact and buyers list can be invaluable for real estate investors and agents. So keep it in the cloud or in a safety deposit box, but don’t neglect the power of list building.

So how can real estate professionals build high value lists, maximize them, and navigate the world of high end property sales?

How to Build an $80 Million ‘Rolodex’

Whether you are just starting out in real estate, or own a contact list of thousands, there is always room for expansion. The best real estate investors, agents, and CEOs recognize that their success relies heavily on the number of new contacts they make each and every day. So what are some of the best ways to do this?

The internet has certainly made list building faster and more affordable than ever. Thousands of new contacts can be made in your pajamas on the sofa. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, new landing pages, and more can all be great platforms for reaching masses of new prospects and connections.

Unfortunately, many have leaned on the internet so heavily that they have seriously neglected the real opportunities right outside of their front doors. Even if you only venture out of your home to run the kids to school, hit the gym, and grab groceries, there are dozens of potential contacts to be made every day. What about teachers, gas station clerks, bank cashiers, or fellow shoppers? Your contact information should be in the hands of all of these individuals, and they should all know what you do. However, that is not enough. They need to have a way to contact you should they need your services.

Beyond these casual encounters, there are many opportunities for connecting and networking with others. Real estate seminars, conferences, events, expos, various sub-sector networking events, meet-up groups, investor club meetings, Chamber of Commerce events, and local social gatherings are just a few.

Science and Marketing: Serve versus Spam

While close contacts might make for expedited real estate sales and better deals, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fair amount of science and marketing involved in both connecting and converting contacts into transactions.

Even those that shun the capacity of their smartphones acknowledge the wisdom of applying science, technology and psychology to their list building and real estate marketing efforts. This isn’t about being slick. It is about being better able to serve those that really need and want what you have. Today, you might have to work hard to get in front of those that need and can benefit from your services. The more you use the available data and tools to achieve these goals, the better served they will be. In turn, the rewards of better serving more individuals will come back in returns of sales, money, and the other underlying goals you are striving for.

Busting the Billionaire Rapport Building Myths and Misconceptions

Building a list that actually produces means more than just trading business cards and amassing followers on Twitter, or likes on Facebook. These are all great building blocks. However, there is a huge difference in having a list with good contacts and o e with poor contacts. The best networkers know how to make sure that they can count on everyone on their list.

Some of this comes down to building trust, offering great deals, and tailoring your offerings with pinpoint targeting. However, it also weighs a lot on your rapport.

Contrary to popular belief, the wealthiest real estate investors and home buyers can be far easier to deal with than you might think. Try getting to know some billionaires and you just might find it to be a refreshing and highly rewarding experience.