6 Home Improvements To Consider This Year

What are some of the best home improvements to make in 2015?

Whether real estate investor, agent, or homeowner, there are a variety of great home improvements to make this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can make any improvements you like. There are certain improvements that trump others. Perhaps even more importantly, there are improvements that can actually damage your asking price. That said, make improvements to boost property value and appeal. Here are six home improvements to consider for the upcoming year:

1. Hot Tubs

While hot tubs may not add the tangible value to appraisals that in-ground pools do, they can add a ton of appeal. Hot tubs have become recognized as a powerful performance enhancer for elite athletes and CEOs. They have become a core focal point of hot events and tech parties, as well as the imagery being promoted with today’s top luxury developments. With that in mind, is there any reason not to install a hot tub in your next rehab? The good news is that they are completely portable. If a client doesn’t want one, it is easy to get rid of. However, more times than not, a hot tub will serve as a magnet as opposed to a deterrent. Don’t forget that hot tubs don’t have to be limited to those with large estates or back yards. Today, you can even fit them on the balconies of townhouses and condos.

2. Solar

If you don’t have solar yet, now is the time. There could be big energy and utility bill savings. If solar grant money is gone, local governments may still be offering grants or no-interest loans for making energy efficient home improvements. If you are in an area like Southern California or South Florida, you could find unbelievable savings.

3. Rainwater Harvesting

With water access becoming an increasingly poignant issue, questionable water quality, and the cost of water set to rise, homeowners with their own supplies will be way ahead of the game. There are many ways to institute rainwater harvesting, each of which has its own benefits. It is just a matter of finding which is best for your particular situation. It’s not just about money and health either. It’s more sustainable and better for the environment. In fact, water harvesting will have a huge impact on the economy and environment for generations to come.

4. Sustainable Gardens

Sustainable gardens can be a great addition to any home. Planned well, they can help the watershed and keep water sources clear of pollution, even in urban areas like downtown San Diego. Branching out towards urban farming and gardening, many could find a new passion and hobby in growing their own organic and healthy food. There are even buyers who will consider a property based solely on the inclusion of such a garden. The benefits of adding a sustainable garden far outweigh the negatives.

5. Sunrooms

Sunrooms could be one of the best home improvements and additions of 2015. Glass enclosed sunrooms are hygienic, green, reduce energy use, save money, and can be one of the highest ROI home additions. They can be far less expensive than other additions, but look better, and add highly valuable, usable square footage. They can be used for lazy brunches, afternoon tea, guest rooms, and even inspirational office spaces. For those not wanting to go this far, consider new motorized louvered pergolas, which can adjust for the perfect amount of shade or light at any time, and ensure no outdoor party plans are ever spoiled. Insulated patio cover roofs and screen enclosures may be secondary alternatives.

6. Security Monitoring Systems

The addition of a security monitoring system will generate a lot of interest. After all, your home is the one place you should feel safe, above all else. They can add a lot of appeal, lower home insurance rates, provide better security, and can make units stand out for prospective renters and buyers. This could also be one of the lowest cost, highest ROI moves for many landlords, investors, and sellers. There is really no drawback to incorporating a home security system into your plans.