10 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Career In 2015

Want to take your real estate career to the next level in 2015?

Whether you are a San Diego real estate agent, real estate assistant in New Haven, CT, home staging expert, investor, California mortgage broker, or offshore freelancer providing support services to U.S. real estate companies, the following 10 tips will keep you growing in the right direction:

1. Boost Your Real Restate Education

Whatever your function, going beyond the mandatory education can dramatically increase your value and ability to others. Consider taking up short real estate courses, getting new licenses, teaching yourself a new skill or software program, or digging further into understanding real estate investment strategies.

2. Expand Your Mind

All real estate professionals, CEOs, and support staff can benefit from expanding their minds. However, consider something that isn’t even real estate related. For example; why not take up an art like sculpting? Learn about art history, master a complicated series of yoga poses, explore the world of automobiles and attending classic car shows. Dive into the works of the world’s most famous architects, or the latest filming techniques being explored at festivals. This will help you expand your mind, and be better able to connect with a broader range of individuals on an intelligent level. Who knows, you might even uncover a new passion for something.

3. Enhance Your Network

Expand your network of connections. For some, this will mean increasing the size and breadth of their contacts. For others, it may mean building new and deeper relationships with a core group of individuals. While some consider it unfair, it is certainly often true that success is still about who you know. Fortunately, that’s entirely up to you. You are fully capable of enhancing your network of personal and online contacts.

4. Take More Time Off

Taking time off could actually be one of the most powerful moves you make in growing your business. If you’ve been working like a maniac, but aren’t where you want to be, perhaps the right medicine is a new approach. Take some time off. What’s the point in all the hard work if there is never a moment spent enjoying life, or time with others? It’s ironic that real estate provides so much freedom, beyond what most others can ever dream of, yet so few real estate industry workers take the time to exercise that freedom.

5. Travel More

Travel is an amazing tool for forwarding your real estate career, whether you are an hourly worker, freelancer, investor, or CEO. It can also be combined with many of the above suggestions. Travel to a seminar and learn something. Travel to another country and explore the way they do real estate. Drive to a nearby town or fly out to San Diego and explore a new real estate market first hand. Meet new people, and find new opportunities. You never know what you may find. At the very least, you will gain some valuable down time.

6. Up Your Goals

Most people don’t surpass their goals, if they achieve them at all. At best, they get close, or hit them and lose sight of what they were doing it for. You have so much potential. If only you’d test your limits, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish. So raise the bar, and go for it.

7. Optimize Your Workspace

Whether you work in a cubicle, a home office, or your own executive suite, consider making the investment in optimizing your workspace. Look at the ROI. Maybe a larger screen, more screens, a better chair, investing in wall art or a sound system will help you really throw your productivity into high gear. Do it. Make this the year you are in your zone.

8. Think Long Term

A one year or five year plan is barely enough to survive. If you want to thrive and experience great success, invest the time in thinking ahead. What will the real estate industry look like in 10 or 30 years from now? Who will be winning then? What will they be doing that puts them on top? Don’t just let your mind wander – create a 10 or 100 year plan that puts you on top and creates a real legacy.

9. Reduce Your Bad Debt and Monthly Obligations

Make this the year you achieve financial freedom. Make this the year to retire bad debt. Minimize monthly obligations so that you have the surplus to make the best real estate investment and career decisions, and never have to consider compromising your values and ethics.

10. Find More People to Help

Don’t just do it because it promises more business. Try it because it brings so many more rewards. Find more ways to give. Give stuff, donate money, support fundraising campaign, be generous with social shares, and share information and what you’ve learned that can help others.