100 Ways For Real Estate Investors To Beat Google’s Latest Search Updates

Need a strategy for getting back on top of Google after the latest ding to rankings?

Real estate companies and professionals were hit hard with the latest Google algorithm update. Many have been virtually wiped off the Internet thanks to the new Pigeon update rolled out by Google in late July. So how can independent real estate pros and companies get back on top fast?

SEO and real estate marketing experts have revealed that local businesses have been given the push, in favor of larger directory sites such as Yelp, Zillow, and newspaper and magazine directories. With this in mind, here are 100+ ways to fight your way back up to the top spots on Google:

Create Real Estate Industry Directory Pages on Your Website

  1. Real estate agents and Realtors
  2. Real estate related attorneys
  3. Local moving companies
  4. Neighborhoods
  5. Community assistance programs
  6. Title companies
  7. Appraisers
  8. Mortgage lenders and banks
  9. Insurance agents
  10. General contractors

Create Local Business Directories

  1. Truck rental companies
  2. Utility companies
  3. Handymen
  4. Interior decorators
  5. Painters
  6. Landscapers
  7. Pool service companies
  8. Notaries
  9. Printers
  10. Local housing assistance programs

Create On-Site Directories for Various Real Estate Niches

  1. Condominium directories
  2. Gated community profiles
  3. Mortgage note buyers and sellers
  4. Real estate wholesalers
  5. Sources of real estate education
  6. Home builders
  7. Private money lenders
  8. Crowdfunding sites for real estate projects
  9. Profiles of local apartment complexes
  10. Auction companies

Launch Social Directories

  1. Local real estate professionals
  2. Networking clubs
  3. Annual events
  4. Twitter handles to follow
  5. Social media marketing companies
  6. Reviews of local social events
  7. Top real estate related pages on Facebook
  8. Top real estate related pages on Pinterest
  9. Best LinkedIn Groups for Real Estate Pros
  10. Industry Meetups

Financial and Lender Directories

  1. Hard money lenders
  2. Local lenders by city, county, state, country
  3. Local banks
  4. Private mortgage lenders
  5. Rehab loan lenders
  6. Second mortgage lenders
  7. Down payment assistance organizations
  8. Transactional lenders
  9. Investment property loan lenders
  10. Commercial mortgage brokers

Home Staging & Decorating Directories

  1. Interior designers
  2. Furniture stores
  3. Professional home stagers
  4. Virtual staging apps and tools
  5. Real estate photographers
  6. Architects
  7. Flooring specialists
  8. Local home improvement stores
  9. Top design magazines
  10. Cleaning services

Publish Resources for Renters

  1. Credit repair experts and companies
  2. Debt consolidation and counsellors
  3. Mortgage brokers
  4. First time home buyer programs
  5. Best areas, buildings and communities to buy starter homes
  6. Roommate finding services
  7. Closing cost assistance organizations
  8. Rent to own programs, and providers
  9. Special loan programs for key workers
  10. Lenders offering 100% financing

Directories of Resources for Real Estate Investors

  1. Property management companies
  2. Real estate wholesalers
  3. Asset managers and loss mitigation departments
  4. Self-Directed IRA experts
  5. Investor friendly title companies
  6. Buy to rent program lenders
  7. Craigslist ad helpers
  8. Real estate writers
  9. Local real estate investment groups
  10. Real estate coaches, books, and programs

Get Listed/ Published on More Directory Style Sites That Will Take Your Content

  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Go Articles
  3. eHow
  5. Venture Beat
  6. G-Code Magazine
  7. PRWeb
  8. OnlinePRNews
  9. PRLog
  10. Chamber of Commerce

Optimize Your Online Assets by:

  1. Ensuring matching contact information on all references
  2. Get listed in Wikipedia
  3. Update keywords on your real estate website, and backlink text
  4. Ensure inbound website links are correct and working
  5. Optimize social media profiles with better keyword usage
  6. Expand social mentions and networks on new platforms
  7. Run competitions to get your name circulating
  8. Create awards with hope of getting listed in more publications
  9. Start viral Twitter chains to get more visibility and mentions
  10. Clean up broken links on your website

Want More?

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Increasing quality of real estate blogs
  3. Running ads in online magazines
  4. Publish more in-depth articles
  5. Offer yourself with interviews for magazines
  6. Collaborate with other local business websites to get in their directories
  7. Join the Better Business Bureau
  8. Become a sponsor of other ventures which will gain you incoming back-links
  9. Increasing online engagement with live Q&A sessions
  10. Share this article on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn

Imagine how much more meat there will be on your real estate site in a month from now!