Home Improvement Tips: Inspirational Outdoor Designs

Outdoor home improvements are among the hottest design topics for the moment. So what are some of the best outdoor makeover ideas that can increase the pleasure you get from your own home, and potentially boost the value of any subsequent home you may be trying to sell?

Outdoor Design Trending

Renovating and upgrading outdoor living areas has become a trending issue for homeowners and investors alike. So why all the buzz, and which improvements are worth the investment?

Multiple surveys show that outdoor living areas have become one of, in not the most important features for current house hunters. That should elevate their importance for all homeowners considering selling or renting their properties, especially real estate investors. This is even truer in peak summer home buying season when home buyers are specifically looking for a pad that will live up to their dreams of relaxing outside. Even a small garden, or roof top balcony can be dramatically improved. With a little inspiration, something little can add a lot of excitement to a property.

Of course, exterior home improvements can be tricky when it comes to attempting to increase home resale appeal. Many outdoor improvements add more perceived value than bottom line appraised value. However, there are definitely some improvements which can deliver both superior enjoyment for current occupants, and help create more home crushes. Let’s check out 9 ideas to choose from:

1. Fire Pits

Fire pits have quickly gone from nice to have to must have additions. They not only provide spectacular visual, and emotional elements for summer nights in places like San Diego, but they can be used as a heating tool in cooler climates. As such, they are both functional and fashionable. Fire pit options now range from DIY fire pits to store bought table designs and sleek, hi-tech masterpieces. Choose the option which best frames your lifestyle and budget.

2. Spiritual Spaces

The Wall Street Journal and Google indicate that spiritual spaces are trending. Who couldn’t use a little more Zen time in today’s hectic digital world? Spiritual spaces can range from the cheap and modest to the absolutely magnificent. Yoga pavilions, easy to care for Zen gardens, quiet corners equipped with hot tubs, and entire backyard private chapels are all options.

3. Water

There are many choices when it comes to adding water features to a home, and equally as many reasons to do it. Front door water features can boost Feng Shui and the vibrancy of entrances. Waterfalls, large or small, can improve property aesthetics and provide a peaceful audio backdrop. Sustainable water gardens have become increasingly popular in regions like Southern California and can both look great and help home buyers feel that they are making positive choices to improve the environment.

Swimming pools, of course, are recognized as one of the best additions for adding real value and resale appeal to a home. While visual appeal is a factor, make sure to hone in on the real figures if considering a pool as a tool to boost property value. Do local home buyers really prefer homes with pools? If so, is size irrelevant to actual appraised value? Will the time and investment required fit with the desired timeline for reselling a home?

Some hybrid options might include lap pools or hot tubs. Lap pools can add value, and a lot of appeal without dramatic expenses. Home spas can add emotional value and can even be moved after the sale.

4. Pergolas

Pergolas, unfortunately, do not receive the credit they deserve. A pergola may not at first appear to offer a ton of value. However, they can be invaluable for practically increasing usability of outdoor spaces of all types, for all age groups of residents. They provide sun protection and a little style. There’s no need to be boring here either. Let your style shine.

5. Sunrooms

Sunrooms provide hybrid indoor, outdoor living spaces for maximizing conditions, views and improvement investments. With heat or air conditioning, enclosed sunrooms could add real square footage to a property and become one of the highest value home improvements many can make to their properties.

6. Covered Patios

For those not ready to go all out with enclosed sunrooms, or who actually want to feel the warm weather and immerse themselves in the outdoors (without the sunburn and wrinkles from squinting), a covered patio extension can be a great choice. Insulate patio cover can provide shade, protect foundations from run off, and actually help reduce home energy bills.

7. Screen Rooms

Screen rooms may not add the tangible value of a glass enclosed sunroom, but they can go a long way to increasing usability of outdoor areas, especially for those with pools and hot tubs.

8. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens can be far more affordable and less hassle to put in than interior ones. However, demand for them has been questioned lately, with some surveys showing they aren’t as desirable as they used to be.

9. Storm Shutters

For storm prone zones like Florida and the Carolinas, storm shutters can add tangible protection, and value from discounts on homeowners insurance.