6 Productivity Strategies For SoCal Real Estate Professionals

As business volume, competition, and new opportunities rise, enhancing productivity is becoming more important for real estate professionals. Most are never happy with how much they get done and are in constant search of ways to improve their personal and business performance. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods, tools and strategies for boosting productivity. Check out the following list, look for new ones to incorporate into your personal regimen, and test some strategies to optimize performance:

1. Food

Food and nutrition play a massive role in productivity. This may also be one of the most neglected categories of productivity impacting factors by many real estate investors, agents and CEOs. What you eat and drink can all make a difference in productivity. Look for brain and energy enhancing food and drinks. Consider your activity levels when you eat and whether you need more mental alertness or fuel for physical exercise. Nutrition isn’t just about fuel for energy either. It can dictate mood and the state in which you function.

2. Exercise

Before you cringe and hit the back button, know this doesn’t have to mean intense workouts and hitting the gym for hours multiple times a day. Even moderate, regular exercise like walking or hitting the floor for a set of pushups during the day can certainly make a difference. Multiple university and medical studies have proven the links between exercise and enhanced productivity. It delivers more energy, mental alertness, positive mood and more. The side effects on the body of improving overall health and preventing sick days and injuries can also ensure a dramatic difference in what is achieved monthly, annually and over a lifetime.

3. Distraction

Distraction can be good and bad for productivity. There are good reasons that the days of the cubicle are out and open plan workspace is in. Music, interaction, standing or even treadmill desks can help many real estate pros work better, think better and achieve more, faster. On the other end of the spectrum, some will find too many productivity apps, constantly attempting to multitask and a lack of a focused working environment can completely deteriorate their productivity, results and overall ability and will to keep going. Find your ideal conditions or create your own personal optimal working environment.

4. Breaks

Regular breaks can keep real estate pros refreshed, energized and can fuel innovative thinking. This applies to daily schedules, weekly routines and taking longer more extended vacations away from work. Instead of attempting to slog away with long hours, 7 days a week, believing you are going to get more done, look at breaks as the key to increasing productivity and give them their due value.

5. Sleep

Sleep is an important factor in productivity. There may be a considerable amount of personal differences in the amount of sleep needed, when real estate agents and investors can get their best work done, and how they sleep, but don’t underestimate the importance of it. ‘Sleep advocate’ Arianna Huffington, whose firm has installed nap rooms at the office, says it isn’t about how many hours you are awake, but what you do during that time which determines productivity.

6. Leverage Others

Many gravitate towards real estate investing or sales due to the ability to work autonomously. Yet, collaborating and working with a team can be critical for the velocity of progress. So leverage others. This could mean hiring an assistant, developing a team of freelance workers, or simply leveraging the knowledge of others via coaching.