San Diego Real Estate Pros: 6 Hacks For Better Thinking

The most successful entrepreneurs, world leaders and legendary investors are differentiated by their way of thinking. Their individual thought processes may have taken them on different tangents and have been applied in different mediums. Still, one thing remains the same; they take thinking seriously.

We’ve all heard we need to think BIG. Since your are reading this, you obviously are already heading on the right track. However, what are some of the less obvious ways San Diego real estate agents, investors and business owners can take their own thinking to the next level and enhance their end result?

1. Time Out to Think

Far more wealth has been created from thinking than from precious metals or minerals pulled out of the ground. Thus, it is important to value and prioritize proper thought processes. It can dramatically propel the results and ROI of everything else you do, including the time you invest. Schedule time out just to think; daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Even Bill Gates reportedly gets away on ‘think weeks.’ When was the last time you spent a week just thinking?

2. Create Your Optimal Conditions

Creating your optimal thinking conditions is a major factor for effective thinking. Going to Starbucks might not always be the best move. It’s also essential to have inspirational input in some form. Even more importantly, you need something to document thoughts with. You never know what can happen on a specific day or hour. Be ready to capture whatever you come up with. If you plan only one day away to think and something unexpectedly comes up, you may not be as productive as you hoped. That notoriously leads to frustration. Leave some wiggle room in your schedule.

3. Map it Out

Despite blocking out time to think and creating favorite conditions, many San Diego real estate investors and agents can still find themselves hitting a mental block or failing to get much further than a few fairy tale visions. This isn’t the objective here, unless you are to going to own the niche of being a real estate philosopher. Find new ideas and develop practical ideas by extensively listing out thoughts, mind maps and more that push the boundaries of what you’d regularly think about. The fringe is where you’ll discover innovation. Map out how it would work and how to beat potential hurdles.

4. Act on it

Of course, the really big differences occur when you start acting on your thoughts. Great thoughts ideas are a dime a dozen, or less. Those that bank on them are those that put them into action.

5. Video Yourself

You might come back from your thinking expedition with some pretty wild ideas, or ideas that push the boundaries of what you are comfortable with. This is often where the best nuggets are, but before you rush to re-brand or pitch investors, consider videoing yourself and your pitch. Viewing your process can lead to a system that works in the future.

6. Feedback

Get feedback from others. Survey your lists, ask questions on social media, consult your partners, and get your real estate coach’s perspective.