What’s The Best Real Estate Agency To Work For?

pick_agentFor those considering taking advantage of the new housing boom by becoming a Realtor, which is the best real estate agency to work for?

There are numerous real estate companies and brands competing for the services of individuals like yourself. There are endless possibilities in which prospective Realtors can choose from.

So how do you find the best real estate agency that represents you and your core values? Where can you find the best real estate agents to compliment your work ethic?

For brand new real estate agents, who should probably begin interviewing before they even get their license, the options seem vast. However, the single most important guiding factor ought to be training and help. Those that have already completed real estate licensing courses, and even state exams, know that they really haven’t been prepared adequately to go out into the field. So look for a firm that has a great training program and a broker that is really dedicated to helping you win. Often times, this is found at the biggest international franchises like Coldwell Banker and Century 21.

Of course, the commission splits at these San Diego real estate agencies are notoriously low. Those that get a little experience under their belts can consider moving up to brands like ReMax, which traditionally only recruit more experienced agents. Regardless of where you end up, make sure it is the best real estate agency for your particular needs.

There is definitely a possibility of building your own team at any of these real estate companies, but those that want to keep more income and actually build up their own name may choose to go out on their own. This is certainly a trend we are seeing in California, as more real estate broker licenses are being issued. However, while the lure of the lime light can be attractive, make sure you carefully weigh all of the expenses and the net difference once overhead and branding is taken into account.

For those that are actually more interested in real estate investing, and that would like to be a part of a real estate solutions company, consider working for a firm like CT Homes, LLC.