How Real Estate Agents Can Boost Income

sellingHow can real estate agents and other professionals slash their wasted time in half and boost incomes by 13% in just six weeks?

Effective time management is one of the biggest issues for real estate agents, investors and other industry pros. Unfortunately, many of the ‘solutions’ that these individuals buy into become their worst enemy and compound the problem.

Sadly, this applies to personal assistants, apps and expensive new software technologies. This doesn’t mean that these things can’t be valuable or good investments. In fact, some may be essential, it is the execution that renders them useless, or makes them into an even bigger time suck.

It is crucial to invest in real estate education. Get your hands on good tools and leverage technology. Use available resources to find a new and efficient way of doing business. If not used well, however, they won’t deliver on their promises.

When first getting into the business, real estate agents are slammed with dozens of products and services promising to help, but most fail to deliver because they are not used effectively.

Michelle Bullock, of Office Snap Inc. in Naples, FL, has found a profitable and in demand niche in helping real estate agents overcome this. She does so by helping them to eliminate redundant filing systems, get the most out of software, implementing systems, and helping them to get more out of their assistants by better defining job responsibilities.

By incorporating cloud storage systems like Dropbox or Google Drive, establishing better training for real estate assistants and keeping real estate agents more organized, she claims Realtor offices and individual agents can slash administrative labor hours in half and add over 10% to the incomes of six figure earners in a matter of a few weeks.

So the real lesson here is that before you run out and buy more software or sign up for a new service, make sure you are really getting something that you’ll use and that you are maximizing what you already have. If you can free up 5 hours of your time and your assistant’s time each week, you could potentially yield several more deals a month.