Finding Big Real Estate Investing Profits on the Coast

hd-madison-ctThere is a huge, poorly served niche of homeowners on the East and West Coast. Their participation in the housing market could  facilitate incredible real estate investing profits for those seeking a rewarding and stimulating new challenge.

It’s all about moving houses. Not selling a home and buying a new home, but actually physically moving existing homes. Erosion is literally forcing many coastal homeowners from New England and Southern California to “move it or lose it.” In some cases, it might be about views, while others are literally facing the risk of falling off of a cliff into the ocean. There are also those who are proactive and moving properties out of harm’s way from flooding and hurricanes.

Sometimes, homes are just moved a few feet, others are uprooted to other parts of the country. According to the International Association of Structural Movers, about 40,000 private properties are moved each and every year in America.

Some firms proclaim homes can be moved for as little as tens of thousands of dollars, though many fork over millions. In fact, some have seen the process take over a decade and as much as $8 million.

Clearly this may not be the savviest financial move by most considerations. Many just like their homes and want to take them with them, but a long distance move normally means cutting it into pieces, leaving the rebuilt home hardly what it was beforehand.

So can you find a niche in locating these homeowners and buying homes from them at a discount instead? Flipping these houses can result in huge profits.

What about the thousands of coastal homes that homeowners can no longer afford and are even abandoning? Can you grab them up and resell the property for a profit?

Many homes across the country are being deserted. Sometimes the land is more valuable for other purposes. What about advertising and collaborating with a house mover to sell and ship the home to a new location for a profit and then re-purposing the land and flipping that to a home builder?