Monthly Archives: May 2013

Niche Housing For the Homeless Community

Posted by JD Esajian // May 2, 2013


When flipping houses, selling homes, renting homes or even buying property; it is imperative to familiarize yourself with those who make up the pool of prospective housing markets. There is one niche housing group, primed for buying a home, that is currently being overlooked. Supplying houses to the homeless community may provide everyone involved with substantial benefits. Given the chance, many have the potential to make for a great renter. Others could be prime candidates for seller financing. Some might even have surprisingly decent credit and for obvious reasons ridiculously low debt-to-income ratios.

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Flipping Houses: The Most In Demand Home Feature

Posted by JD Esajian // May 1, 2013


What’s the most in demand home feature set to be from here through the next three years? For a variety of reasons from changing neighborhoods resulting in rising crime rates, there is a soaring demand for more security measures in housing today. For those flipping houses this signals one of the most important elements that can be focused on for increasing the appeal of properties and selling homes fast. However, it equally applies to the average homeowner and real estate agent.

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