Connecticut Open House Day

virtual-stgingConnecticut Open House Day is coming up and it’s a great time for diving into local history and selling a home.

June 8, 2013 will witness the celebration of the 9th annual Connecticut Open House Day. This year’s festivities and participants include the New Haven Museum and Pardee-Moriss House. It’s a statewide event organized to help residents better engage and learn more about their state, as well as helping to create tourism ambassadors.

With so many people out and about on June 8th, it will serve as a great day for CT home owners and local real estate investors to host their own open houses for selling more properties and finding buyers.

Those that actually want to hook up with the official movement can find out more information by visiting, where there are additional resources including press release templates and tips on getting local officials out to your Connecticut open house.

By seizing the PR opportunities that present themselves, you will find you are able to create more buzz around your brand and could find many ongoing benefits from your Connecticut Open House Day promotions.

Those looking into buying a home in Connecticut could also find this a very profitable day to hit the road on a house hunting mission. With more open houses going in, you’ll be able to get inside more properties in less time and shorten your search. Add a few stops at publicly organized events with activities for the children and it can be a day long adventure for the whole family.