Connecticut Real Estate: Aiding Tenants After ‘Snowpocalypse’

The recent blizzard dumping several feet of snow in New England isn’t just a nuisance for those that need to get around; it certainly has the potential to disrupt business for owners of CT rental homes. However, this is also a time when local landlords should be stepping up to come to the aid of their tenants as well.

Remember your responsibilities as not just a landlord but Connecticut real estate owner too. Regardless of what you put in your lease you still may be liable for anyone injured on the property and can find great opportunities to go above and beyond to help others.

It’s not just good business or important for protecting your reputation as a real estate investor; it’s the right thing to do.

Besides clearing driveways and sidewalks and perhaps helping the neighbors with theirs make sure you watch out for blocked side wall vents in CT homes using natural gas as well as snow stacking up on roofs that can threaten the entire structure.

For those units that have become unlivable do you have empty units to help house occupants, at least temporarily?

You might even consider giving them a break on rent temporarily. Preparing for a storm and clean up isn’t cheap. Plus the missed work can put a big dent in wages. By crushing good tenants and being inflexible you’ll likely only do yourself harm. You don’t know what your next tenant will be like and there are no guarantees that they won’t have issues weather

Also note that while snow damage might technically be easier to get an insurance claim paid on than a hurricane it pays to act quickly and even perhaps enlist the assistance of an attorney to make sure you get everything you deserve.

Some landlords concerned about the dents all of this could put in their own income may be able to offset some of the expenses by filing property tax disputes and getting their bills lowered.