7 Real Estate Networking Mistakes

Real estate agents, investors all those in other related fields are frequently hammered with the message that they need to be networking. It is true that it could be the most important and valuable use of time in pushing through to growth and success but for all the advice that these professionals must be networking there is little, if any on actually how to do it, or perhaps more critical how not to do it.

So whether you are a mortgage broker, real estate investor, agent, title company rep or insurance salesperson what are some of the big mistakes that you’ll want to steer clear of?

1. Not Getting Started

Despite its hand in hand connection with success and doing more real estate transactions so many real estate agents and other professional are increasingly keeping themselves locked away behind their screens today instead of getting out and shaking some hands. Ducking the flu virus might be a nifty excuse but that won’t put money in your pocket. If you really can’t bear to pull yourself the sofa, try hosting a Google hangout instead.

2. Networking for Individual Sales

Networking events and local real estate investing meetups can be great places to find real live deals, but it I going to be a hard slog and a measly hourly wage if you have to spend hours on end to network for each individual deal or lead. Instead try setting the sights on networking with strategic referral partners that can bring you a dozen or more leads each per month.

3. Networking without a Clear Goal

If you are just a social butterfly that enjoys chatting to strangers you’ll find networking lots of fun, but don’t go unprepared and without a clear goal for each event.

4. Shameless Self-Promotion

Remember, that at professional networking events everyone else is there for what it can do for them, not you.

5. Being Dull

Whatever you do, don’t be dull. It won’t get you remembered and it won’t be much fun either, so enjoy yourself. Loosen up and find one thing to be really passionate about if you want to the real estate agent or investor that gets remembered in the morning.

6. Overspending on Networking

This is a huge trap that gets newbies all the time. Networking is crucial but don’t go broke doing it. The bill can get big fast between drinks, entry, gas and giveaways. Watch your ROI.

7. Failing to Create Action

Don’t fail to seize on the chance to take decisive action. That doesn’t mean you have to hard close on everyone, but take them in the right direction. Get social followers and set appointments.