How Safe is Your Open House in Connecticut?

Is your open house in Connecticut really safe?

Whether you are selling your home, representing a client as a real estate agent or flipping houses as a Connecticut real estate investor, this is a question you really, seriously need to think about.

Violence against those in the Connecticut real estate industry from investors to landlords and property managers and agents has definitely been up since the bubble burst. Now there are concerns that criminals will be increasingly targeting homes with guns and ammunition and non-profits in San Diego have been busy attempting to alert everyone about the rising trend in con artists tricking their way into homes to steal prescription medications.

How are you protecting yourself and clients?

CT home owners and real estate agents may be more aware of the need to log off of computers, hide paperwork and lock up valuables when hosting an open house in Connecticut, but that’s not everything. Do you have a thorough checklist?

What if something does happen? Does anyone know where you are, that you are even holding an open house? What is your system for screening visitors, recording their visit and documenting and verifying their identification?

Open houses still work or selling homes and can be a great tool for investors and Realtors wanting to generate Connecticut real estate leads, but they do need to be executed wisely.

You don’t want any medications with your name on them floating around the streets, or anyone to be injured with a gun you or a client owns, not to mention the serious heat that will come during investigating just how these items got into criminals’ hands.

A safe and successful open house for any Connecticut property isn’t a last minute, “just wing it” kind of thing. It deserves planning and care.