Real Estate Investing: Finding the Most Productive Staff

Where can you find the most productive team members to help fuel your real estate investing success?

It is possible to make plenty of money from real estate investing as a solo investor from your couch but if you really want to reach your full potential and achieve big things you are going to want to bring in some help.

For some this means having a physical office and for others it means building a team of remote contractors for more flexibility and higher profit margins. However, the question is often raised whether outsourced staff aka teleworkers or telecommuting teams are really as productive as those who you can physically grab by the ear.

However, a CBS Money Watch report and the Harvard Business Review suggest that remote workers are actually more productive and engaged than local in-house employees.

The report points out that local office workers often take their time for granted as they are there all day, not just to achieve a specific task, they rely less on technology and frequently sabotage systems set up to make things run more smoothly and are less concerned about connecting with each other as they are getting out of the office.

In contrast outsourcing means only paying for the work you need and use, encourages staff to rely on technology and maximize systems which is better for the whole company, get more out of their time and actually strive to connect more and make meetings more productive.

To get the most out of outsourcing real estate investing pros should make sure they are empowering their team members to be autonomous as much as possible, provide them with the right tools to do their jobs, remember they are real people and that rewards and appreciation can go a long way to building loyalty and should monitor productivity.