Real Estate Investing: Beware the Mary Kay Effect

Trying to convert everyone you know and meet into becoming a lead for your new real estate investing endeavors is smart but you do you really want to push them so hard they begin hiding from you, stop answering their phone and pretend they aren’t home when you come knocking?

Are you turning into the Avon lady or a pesky door-to-door salesman?

Your first line of contacts; those you run into every day, your friends and relatives and past business acquaintances all make great real estate investing leads and could be the only referral sources you ever need if you work them right. Just as simply handing out 10 business cards a day can generate hundreds of real estate leads a month.

But how do you feel when all your friends do is pitch you on the latest MLM they joined, especially since they quit the last 3 after 3 months or when those annoying door-to-door salesmen or telemarketers hound you?

It’s a turn off right?

Of course real estate investing may be a lot different but the bottom line is that while some people require a nudge to buy a home or invest, they increasingly dislike being sold, or tricked into having to hear a sales pitch.

Definitely let them know you are now in real estate, let them know how you can help and put them in an automated drip marketing system but then let them come to you.

In fact, just showing what real estate is doing for your life and wallet can be the best way to get them interested. You won’t have to sell them then, they’ll be ready to sign up for whatever, whether it is buying a new home for themselves, bringing you wholesale deals or offering to put up cash as a private mortgage lender.

Be more like the guy who whisked away your last girlfriend in his Ferrari and less like the Mary Kay girl knocking on your door if you want to attract more real estate investing leads.