Selling the Lifestyle to Sell a Home

Are you missing out on the most important power tool for selling your home fast & for top dollar?

Even though the U.S. real estate market is improving by leaps and bounds selling a home can still be quite a challenge.

What most homeowners and even experienced real estate investors fail to recognize is that price is often the least important factor in selling a home.

What you should really be asking is what does buying this home really mean and do for them?

It is the emotional triggers which lead to impulse buys and the motivation to really whip out that pen and make the best offer they can afford.

There are many benefits of homeownership which go far beyond the purely financial. In addition to helping kids do better at school, feeling more secure and building equity for a solid financial future and legacy to leave behind there are an array of emotions and benefits which come with owning a home.

Many of the strongest selling points and most important ones are all about community and lifestyle.

Will buying this home make your buyer feel cooler, more accepted, safer, give them peace of mind when it comes to their family, re-ignite their love lives or make all their dreams come true?

Convey the answer through photos in your property ads, providing additional community information in text, pictures and video as well as via the directions you give them for driving to the property. What will they see on the way?

Regardless of what the home you are selling looks like or what price range it is in, what can it do for them? Will being next to a yacht club make them feel more important? Will proximity to great schools and parks make them feel like great parents, will nearby romantic restaurants and views of royal colored sunsets turn around their relationships?

Not only will this all make a huge impact in selling a home fast, you can put a premium price on that too!