Good News for Real Estate Investing by the Numbers

The debate over how well U.S. real estate is rebounding continues to rage in the news but all the numbers show a bright outlook and great opportunities for real estate investing right now…

Hunting for Real Estate Investing Deals

Many investors have been complaining about a lack of real estate investing deals available to them as inventory levels have shriveled up in many areas of the country.

If you are on the hunt for properties and motivated sellers you shouldn’t come up short handed for a while. Inman news reported over 31,000 open houses scheduled for this weekend alone. Thanks to the $26 billion mortgage settlement the foreclosure pipeline is wide open again too. Recent stats show foreclosure filings rocketing around the country with almost every city in FL seeing numbers up since last year. This ranges from a modest 37% jump in sunny Miami to over 100% rise in Palm Bay. Fast acting real estate investing pros should have no problem loading up their own pipelines with as many deals as they can handle.

Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing Profits Rising

Rates are still holding low but rents are soaring across the country. The first quarter of 2012 saw the median rent for Manhattan apartments jump 7.1% year-over-year to $3,100, with many landlords claiming new leases being signed at 9-14% more than expiring ones.

It’s certainly not going to be fun to be a renter for long and whether consumers believe windfall equity appreciation is on its way or not, it may soon be a matter of even being able to afford to rent!

There are Plenty of Buyers Out There too

Pending homes sales are currently up 4.1% to the highest level we have seen in almost 2 years. Buyers don’t even appear to be that picky about digging for bargains either as one California builder reports a 46% spike in orders. No shortage of cash out there either with more than 12 $100 million plus apartment buildings sold in Manhattan alone in the last 13 months, 6 of which were sold by a single broker!