5 Tips for Selling Connecticut Real Estate

Selling Connecticut real estate? Make sure you have thought these 5 important factors through before putting out that sign…

1. Pricing

Perhaps the most important factor of all when trying to sell your home or any type of Connecticut real estate for that matter is setting your price. The first few your home is advertised will be the most crucial days which get it the most attention. If you are unrealistic and ask too much you may burn your best chances at finding a buyer. Now that just because your neighbor is asking X dollars for their home, it doesn’t mean they’ll get it. In many parts of the state there is a huge discrepancy between what homes are being listed for and what they are really selling for.

2. Is it really worth Making Improvements?

There is tons of advice online on how to improve curb appeal and stage your home in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers but make sure you carefully weigh the costs against real returns on any improvements you are considering making. Just because you redo the flooring or replace cabinets or slap on a new coat of paint it doesn’t mean your home is actually worth more.

3. The Cost of Self-Marketing

Many Connecticut real estate owners are being tempted to try and sell their properties by themselves to avoid real estate commissions. Unfortunately many are suckered into expensive by owner programs and can actually end up spending more and netting less than if they reached out for professional help. If going it alone is your plan at least lay out the costs carefully and be realistic about how long you may have to keep it up before your home sells.

4. Please Flush – Photos are Important

The quality of your photos can make all the difference in your chances and the tie it will take to sell your Connecticut real estate. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. You would probably go look at the best looking properties first and avoid those with no or poor pictures. Pick up a little, close the toilet seat and make sure to get the best lighting or hire a professional photographer to make your home look great and stand out.

5. Recognize the Time Pressures

How long can you really afford to wait to sell your slice of Connecticut real estate? More importantly how much will you be losing if it takes too long to sell? Is it smarter to sell quickly for cash?