Buying a Home in Connecticut: Guilford

Guilford is a rustic town on the Long Island Sound with a secret for anyone who’s thinking of buying a house in Connecticut: this is where all the historic homes are. From the seaside cottages to the expansive groves of maple, Guilford embodies the best of New England, and if you appreciate calm streets, active community life and gorgeous surroundings, you’re going to want to stay awhile.

First settled in 1639, Guilford started out as a small fishing colony known for its scenic beauty, exceptional town green and beautiful stone houses. Though the town has grown into a thriving New Haven suburb, it has kept a tight grip on its roots. Today Guilford is home to a bevy of gorgeous historic buildings, including the Henry Whitfield House – the oldest stone house in America – and the largest town green in New England. Each summer, visitors from all across the country flock to the town to take in its magnificent landscape and sunny beaches, and every fall they come back to see the most stunning display of fall foliage on the Atlantic coast.

Guilford is much more than a pretty picture, though. Thanks to the town’s proximity to Hartford and New Haven, Guilford’s 22,000 residents also enjoy one of the best school systems in the Constitution State, numerous retail franchises and a perpetually developing downtown. The town’s police department and fire department both received new headquarters recently, and while Guilford has preserved a stunning number of its original buildings, new upper-middle-class neighborhoods are being constructed all the time.

A modest two-bedroom home in Guilford goes for around $275,000. That’s a little steep for Connecticut real estate, but the price levels off as you move up in size. For instance, a 4,000-square-foot, four-bedroom house sells for only $345,000. As a historic vacation community, Guilford also offers plenty of options for homeowners who enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle, and it’s not uncommon to find a home with a $1 million price tag in the local listings.

If you’re buying a house in Connecticut and want to experience the best of New England, then it’s time to give Guilford a closer look. This coastal town is the perfect place to settle down and enjoy the seaside.