4 Property Value-Boosting “Presents” for Your House

This holiday season, why not show your real estate investment how much you care by giving it a little gift? A few domestic upgrades like a new sink or toilet will boost your property value, and these additions will make your real estate investment much more comfortable to live in – even if you aren’t selling it. Consider adding these four items to your holiday wish list.

1)    A new front door. Believe it or not, a new front door is the best way to boost your property value for the money. Since it’s a highly visible feature, don’t be afraid to splurge on a nice steel or oak door with glass panels installed. Your curb appeal will skyrocket, and your house will be better insulated as well.

2)    A fancy faucet for the kitchen sink. Whether your kitchen is country rustic or metropolitan modern, you can always use an elegant new faucet. Aesthetics play a major part in how a buyer determines a home’s value, and the kitchen is one of the most heavily trafficked areas in any house. As a result, you want to make sure it’s pretty enough to appear in a magazine.

3)    A few buckets of top-shelf paint. If you’re selling a home this season, you should already be planning on repainting your walls with neutral shades. Why not take advantage of the holiday season and invest in some high-quality paint for your real estate investment? Try using lighter colors with small rooms to open them up. Use darker shades with open spaces to make them seem cozier.

4)    A hardwood floor. Replacing the carpet in your home with wood or laminate flooring isn’t cheap or easy, but the investment will be worth it when it comes time to sell your house. Wood floors last much longer than carpet and are typically regarded by buyers as the most attractive style of flooring. Installing it will do a lot for your property value.

Your home has kept you warm and safe for years, so why not reward it with some holiday presents? You should already be considering investing in a few domestic upgrades if you’re selling a home, and now’s the perfect time to pick up some presents that will really enhance your house’s property value.