The Dos and Don’ts of Hosting an Open House

If you’re selling a home this fall, hosting an open house should be high on your priority list. These public showings are a great way to get exposure for your real estate investment and lure in dozens of potential buyers. But a poorly managed open house can also condemn your home to months on the market. Here are some things you should keep in mind before hosting yours:

  • Do – Make Guests Feel at Home. You should make it easy for potential buyers to imagine your house as their dream home. Baking cookies or other treats will fill your house with an inviting scent while giving visitors something to munch on as they tour your real estate investment. Additionally, you should consider getting a fire going and hanging up seasonal decorations to really make your property memorable.


  • Don’t – Oversell Yourself. Although you want your home to appeal to any potential buyers, you should be conscious about giving them space. Approaching your guests with sales pitches will make many of them uncomfortable. If you’re selling through a real estate agent, it’s probably better to get out of the house after you’ve made your preparations and let them handle your visitors.


  • Do – Leave Your Doors Open. You want buyers to see how spacious and habitable your real estate investment is, so don’t lock any doors to your rooms. Guests should be able to roam freely throughout the house, inspecting every corner.


  • Don’t – Leave a Mess. While you should always keep your doors open and make your house as accessible as you can, don’t leave a mess lying around. Before your open house, you should clean every surface and room thoroughly. Messes will send a more powerful message to potential buyers than you might think.

The key to hosting any open house is to imagine that you’re a potential buyer yourself. Take a tour through your house and take notes on the lighting, the clutter and anything else that impacts your senses. If you can think like a buyer, you’ll be on the right track to finding one.