Buying a Home in San Diego: Mission Valley

Mission Valley might not be the biggest neighborhood in America’s Finest City, but it’s the best choice for budget-conscious families who are buying a home in San Diego. Its excellent public transportation, proximity to downtown and family-friendly atmosphere make it a must-see for anyone moving into the area.

Established in 1769, Mission Valley is the oldest Spanish settlement in San Diego County. It was also one of the last truly rural communities in the area, holding out until 1960 before starting to act a bit more like a proper suburb. Although the dairy farms that Mission Valley used to be known for are long gone, the neighborhood has made a few nice additions over the years– like Qualcomm Stadium, the home of the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres.

Besides hosting America’s Finest City’s football team, Mission Valley is also famous for its accessibility. Believe it or not, every major freeway leading into San Diego county passes through the neighborhood, which makes getting anywhere in the area a half-hour affair at the maximum. Additionally, the MTS Green Line makes regular runs into the heart of the city every day.

Even though you can go anywhere from Mission Valley, the neighborhood gives you plenty of reasons to stay right where you are. There are hundreds of stores at the Fashion Valley Mall and the Westfield Shoppingtown. And you’ll find dozens of great locally-owned restaurants to choose from, a few of which have even been featured on the Travel Channel.

On top of that, families will be happy to know that the neighborhood is home to two of San Diego’s best colleges – the University of San Diego and San Diego State University. The great education system and the dozens of open-space parks and playgrounds you’ll find throughout the neighborhood make Mission Valley a perfect environment for raising kids.

Perhaps the best part about living in Mission Valley, though, is the incredibly affordable San Diego real estate it offers. Although you’re close to the city, the average home costs just $200,000 – an absolute steal compared to the rest of the county. If you manage to find a foreclosure, you could be paying even less than that.

If you’re buying a house in San Diego and want to settle in a safe neighborhood with a lot to offer, then Mission Valley is the place to be. Its accessibility, affordability and modern comforts will keep you “California dreaming” for the rest of your life.