Buying a Home in Connecticut: Vernon

Located in northern Tolland County, Vernon is a mid-sized town with a few big attractions for anyone buying a house in Connecticut. Its strong economy, great downtown and proximity to the state’s best colleges are only a handful of reasons why you should come and see it for yourself.

Located 15 minutes from Hartford and only 25 miles from Springfield, Massachusetts, Vernon is situated smack dab in the middle of New England’s “Knowledge Corridor.” Surrounded by schools like the University of Connecticut and Trinity College, the town should be on every family’s short list.

Schools aren’t the only thing Vernon is known for, though. Enhanced by numerous public gardens and oak- and maple-lined streets, the town is also one of the best spots in the Constitution State to see vibrant displays of nature – from a rainbow of summer flowers to the ochre of fall leaves.

Like many New England towns, Vernon also offers some great locally owned restaurants and shops and a wide selection of organic produce at their weekly farmers markets. Additionally, guests and residents can spend some time reflecting at the town’s famous Memorial Tower. Originally used by the Podunk Indian tribe to survey the valley, this large stone structure offers breathtaking views every day of the year. In fact, it’s so much a part of Vernon that it appears on the town’s seal.

It’s not expensive to join the 28,000 people that call Vernon home. Homes start as low as $100,000 and come in a variety of qualities, sizes and styles to fit your budget. Since Vernon’s economy is so productive, you probably won’t find any foreclosures, but in a family-oriented town, that’s not a bad thing.

If you’re looking for some Connecticut real estate that’s just a little more suburban than rural, then Vernon is definitely a place worth seeing. Although it still has the small-town charm that makes New England communities so wonderful to settle in, its convenient location and plentiful amenities are a huge advantage for anyone who needs to stay connected with civilization.