5 Ways to Advertise Your Home Online

With more people using the Internet than ever before, it has become necessary to make sure that your home gets as much exposure online as it does in your local newspaper. While it can be confusing to list your home on the Internet, it doesn’t have to be. Here are five places you can start advertising your real estate investment on the digital frontier today.

1)    Your Newspaper’s Online Classifieds. Here in the twilight of the print age, almost every newspaper in the country has established an online presence for itself. It doesn’t cost much to place an ad in the online classifieds, and many times a newspaper will include it in their printed classifieds as well, so this is a good place to start.


2)    Your Realtor’s Website. Every real estate agent should of course have their own website, but a good real estate agent should also have a page on that site that lists all of the homes they’re currently trying to sell. Check out your realtor’s web presence before signing with them to ensure that they’re at home on the digital frontier. Make sure to check the site regularly for your real estate investment’s listing.


3)    Craigslist. Craigslist is currently the biggest online classifieds website in the country and one of the first places web-savvy buyers look to find houses for sale. Just find the sub-site for your town or the town nearest you and click the “real estate for sale” link. Posting an ad is free and anonymous, and it’s a guaranteed way to get your property a lot of exposure.


4) As the name implies, is a website devoted to advertising houses for sale or rent across the country. Although not as popular as Craigslist, serious buyers will do a thorough check of this site’s listings, so you should make sure to sign up.


5)    Trulia. Like, Trulia is an online website devoted just to real estate. Unlike, it offers an all-in-one package for both buyers and sellers. In addition to listing your home online, you can look at property value trends in your area, search for local financing options and more.

The key to successfully advertising your home online is maximizing your exposure. Don’t hesitate to list your home on dozens of websites – most of them are free to use, and it takes only a few minutes to post your real estate investment. As long as you remember to devote as much time to online advertising as you do to print, you’ll be closing a sale in no time.