4 Jobs You Should Leave to the Professionals When Rehabbing Properties

When people first get into the business of rehabbing properties, many dream of doing all of the work themselves in order to maximize their profits. But some jobs are dangerous for the house and the owner as well if he or she isn’t highly skilled. These jobs are best left to certified professionals. If you’re rehabbing properties, here are four projects you should always hand over to a pro:


1)    Electrical Work. Updating or repairing electrical wiring is a common task for anyone rehabbing a house, but it’s risky to do it yourself. The voltage running through those wires is easily enough to kill a human being, and faulty wiring is a  real hazard for the home. Besides, these jobs can be complicated. Serious electrical work requires professional training.


2)    Repairing Major Plumbing. Fixing a small plumbing problem is certainly not a big issue, but if there’s something wrong with the main line leading to  your house, you’ll have to call for help. Water mains are under huge amounts of pressure, which makes them incredibly dangerous and apt to cause thousands of dollars in damage if they break due to shoddy work.


3)    Fixing the Structure. If your home has structural damage, you’ve got major problems. While it’s never a good idea to invest in a home with compromised support beams or load-bearing beams, if you insist on trying to save the house you should definitely hire professional contractors to fix these issues. A wrong move could create a real hazard, and at the very least it can cost a great deal of money to repair. Protect your real estate investment by calling a pro when you suspect a structural problem.


4)    Installing Carpet. This job isn’t as dangerous as the other three, but it requires a a good deal of time and an expert hand to do correctly. Carpet installed by amateurs can be lumpy, uneven and prone to rotting.


While flipping houses can lead to huge windfalls, some of the jobs involved with rehabbing properties just aren’t worth the risk. Too much can go wrong. If you’re considering attempting any of these projects, it’s probably better to simply eat the cost and hire a contractor. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than shoddy.