Buying a Home in San Diego: Poway

Known as “the city in the country,” Poway in the San Diego area represents the best in Southern California living. Incorporated as its own city in 1980, Poway has its roots in agriculture and was originally known for its fertile soil. Today, the city has some of the best schools in the San Diego metro area and is an excellent choice for buying a home if you’re looking to relocate.


The city is perfect for people who love being active. Poway has eight parks and tons of trails that are great for hiking, biking and horseback riding. There is also a free public skate park for skateboarding, as well as a rec center with an ice skating rink. If you’d rather go boating or fishing, Lake Poway offers a convenient (and free) option.


Families who are buying a home in Poway can expect to pay a little over $400,000 for a single-family house. Foreclosures abound in the area, meaning you may be able to get a great home for less. Home prices have been falling in the Poway area in general for the last year, so now might be a good time to consider relocating.


Poway’s school district is nationally recognized for its excellence. The school district has turned out many notable people, from a National Spelling Bee champion to David Goeddel, famous for his work in biotechnology. Poway High School also has great sports teams and is especially known for winning wrestling championships.


The city is in the center of San Diego County but is considered to be fairly inland. A drive from downtown Poway to downtown San Diego will take about half an hour, depending on traffic. Poway’s status as a “bedroom community” means you’ll be joined by many other people on your commute.


Should you choose to work in Poway itself, you’ll have many different options. Some of the bigger employers in the area include Geico Direct, Pomerado Hospital and Mitchell 1, a software development company.


Whether you’re moving for work or just because you want a change of pace, Poway may be perfect for you. Poway’s wonderful outdoor activities, great school district and short commute make it ideal for buying a home.