Buying a Home in San Diego: Kensington

Are you looking for a fantastic home in a community that’s perfect for raising a family? Stop your search, because the Kensington community in San Diego is just the ticket. Kensington is a charming neighborhood with a healthy respect for tradition – just attend one of their annual Fourth of July or Memorial Day festivals to see for yourself. In addition to the larger community-wide celebrations, individual streets within Kensington hold their own block parties each year. Families fill the winding streets and pour out of the Spanish Revival homes in droves to celebrate together.


The area started out as a small subdivision built by Mary and Abby Hall and their husbands in 1910. Most of the original homes were Craftsman style, although Spanish Revival-style homes soon followed. The neighborhood was connected to the larger San Diego area by streetcars. It was officially annexed to the city in the 1950s. Kensington has many traditional buildings and features, from the Franklin Elementary School building (which is over 80 years old) to the large neon sign that demarcates the business district. Bordering Kensington are the neighborhoods of University Heights and Talmadge.


It’s one of the nicer areas to live in San Diego, both highly walkable and easily accessible from downtown. But living in this great neighborhood may cost slightly more than what you’d pay in other parts of San Diego. Buying a home costs anywhere from $400,000 to $700,000 – and a small number of foreclosures limit your options for saving money.


If you pay the higher costs for buying a home in Kensington, you can look forward to walking through the small – but lively – business sector along Adams Avenue. Charming restaurants, bars and local businesses line the streets, offering plenty of opportunities for you and your family to enjoy fine dining and shopping.


Tradition and stability in the middle of one of the best cities in the country – what more could you want? Buying a home in Kensington is a move that’s sure to please your whole family. Don’t relocate to San Diego without giving this neighborhood serious consideration. You’ll be glad you did.