Buying a Home in San Diego: Hillcrest

If you’re looking for a diverse, accepting and trendy community, buying a home in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego is something you’ll want to consider. Hillcrest is known for its large community of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, as well as its locally-owned businesses and beautiful old homes.

Hillcrest is one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods. The mix of housing types – everything from Craftsman-style bungalows to mid-century apartment buildings – means that there’s something for every person and family. The tree-lined streets are home to a plethora of local businesses, trendy restaurants and bars and specialty stores.

Because the neighborhood is close to downtown San Diego, buying a home in Hillcrest means a short commute to the city. In addition, the highly walkable neighborhood makes it easy to get around without using your car. Bus routes connecting the neighborhood to downtown and other neighborhoods make it easy to get wherever you’re going. Unfortunately, there is a major parking shortage in Hillcrest. Recent attempts to improve the situation have resulted in higher parking meter costs and longer enforcement hours.

Buying a home in Hillcrest will cost around $400,000 on average, although there are many more expensive homes in the area. A high percentage of foreclosures in the neighborhood may represent an opportunity for families and individuals to purchase a property for less money.

Hillcrest is formally governed by San Diego city officials. However, a town council formed in 2007 to give residents and renters a chance to have a voice and improve their neighborhood. The area is also home to the Hillcrest Business Improvement Association, which is designed to bring in more local businesses.

San Diego’s largest annual cultural event is held in Hillcrest. The San Diego Gay Pride celebration focuses on the LGBT community in the area and includes a large parade. Other events in the neighborhood include a Mardi Gras celebration, farmer’s markets and CityFest, an annual street festival.

Although driving may be a challenge, this highly walkable neighborhood offers many options for people looking to buy a new house. Whether you’re relocating to San Diego or you’re planning on moving from within the city, consider Hillcrest for your next move.