6 Mistakes Most People Make When Selling a Home

Selling a home is something many people only do a few times in their lives, if ever, and it can be incredibly easy to make a mistake that winds up costing you time, energy and even money. Before you sell your house, make sure you avoid these six mistakes:

1.    Making a mess. Your home should be in top condition when you’re selling, so you should go above and beyond everyday cleaning. Consider repainting, getting the carpets cleaned and even replacing outdated hardware if necessary. A messy home may not get any offers at all.

2.    Regretting your real estate agent. You should choose your real estate agent based on their experience in your market and their past successes. Even if you have a real estate agent friend or family member, they may not be the best choice for you, so make sure you conduct interviews before you pick an agent.

3.    Involving emotions. Your home is the site of many memorable events and fun times. Unfortunately, your potential buyers don’t have these great experiences – to them, the home is just one of many they’ve looked at. Be objective with everything, from your pricing to your marketing.

4.    Hiding problems. If something is broken, either fix it or disclose it. Don’t hide problems, whether it’s a leaky roof or mold. When the new owners find out (and they will – today’s buyers are incredibly savvy), it could cost you the sale.

5.    Going overboard with improvements. It’s one thing to have a beautiful house that fits in with the neighborhood and another thing entirely to have the best house on the block. Don’t make too many improvements, especially if it makes the house better than the rest in the area. You’ll have a hard time recovering those costs.

6.    Forgetting to check out the buyer. Before you accept an offer, it’s worth looking into the buyer’s qualifications. Too many sellers accept a bid only to realize that their buyer isn’t qualified and can’t get a loan.

Don’t fall into one of these traps next time you’re selling a home. Remember, you only get to sell your house once, so making a major mistake can cost you.