Coolest Flip This House Transformations

If you like rehabbing properties, chances are you’ve seen many episodes of Flip This House. This show is a treasure trove of tips for aspiring and practicing flippers – and it showcases the drama that can come along with flipping homes for profit. Some transformations, however, go above and beyond the usual flips:


●      Serious damage to seriously beautiful. In the episode “A Well of a Tale,” Than has his work cut out for him turning a dilapidated West Haven home into a gem. Not only has the home experienced extensive fire damage, it’s connected to well that no longer works. Than managed to turn it completely around, rescuing this beautiful house and flipping it into a spacious, open home complete with new roof and kitchen.

●      Beautiful bargain buy. The Flip This House episode “Than’s Bargain Buy” features a home in serious need of an upgrade. This two-family property had been vandalized by squatters, who stole all the copper piping throughout the structure. In addition to serious external upgrades, Than’s team made gorgeous changes to the interior, including installing new carpet.

●      Huge house, huge profits. “Brotherly Love” exemplifies how rehabbing properties can net a huge profit. In this episode, a huge two-family home is in shambles. Adding a new roof, two new kitchens and overhauling the heating systems posed quite a challenge. The final product is a large, beautiful house – that helped Than’s crew turn a huge profit.

●      Three-family flip. In “Hartford Headache,” Than and his team take on a huge project: renovating a three-family fixer-upper in Hartford. Mortgage fraud makes the project even more challenging, since all the previous “renovations” were superficial. Than’s team took on three kitchens, three bathrooms and three heating systems, as well as entirely new flooring and repainting in all rooms. The finished product is a large property complete with white picket fence.


If you’re thinking about rehabbing properties for a living, catch a few episodes of Flip This House. You can gain inspiration and valuable tips – all while learning about the dramatic world of flipping houses.