Buying a Home in Connecticut: Danbury

Are you on the hunt for a great home in Connecticut? Look no further than Danbury. Buying a home in Danbury is a smart move if you want to be close to New York City, but still live in an area that’s great for raising a family.


Danbury’s population is around 80,000, and many families live in the area. Over half of all households are composed of married couples, and around one-third of the households in the area have children under the age of 18.


When it comes to education, these children have a myriad of options. Danbury’s public schools are excellent and include fourteen elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. There are also four parochial schools and eight private schools in the area, making Danbury a great choice if you’re interested in alternate options for the education of your children.


When you’re buying a home in the city, it helps to know that the median cost is around $250,000 and the average listing price is around $350,000. A fair number of foreclosures in the area mean that you may be able to purchase a house for slightly less money.


Danbury’s many amenities include the Danbury Fair Mall, which has everything from an Apple store to a Macy’s. If you like getting outdoors, Danbury offers something for everyone. Candlewood Town Park has beaches, picnic areas and and a playground for the kids. There are also plenty of golf courses in the area for the golfers in your family.


The city is just a short drive away from New York City, whether you want to visit for work or play. You can drive the 70 miles or opt to take a train. Either way, the Big Apple is at your doorstep!


Danbury is a city with lots of historical significance. Around the turn of the century, the city produced almost a quarter of the nation’s hats, leading to the nickname “Hat City.” The town is also famous for housing large numbers of conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War. These activists were instrumental in getting the prison desegregated.


Buying a home in Danbury, Connecticut is a good choice for families and singles alike. Its proximity to the Big Apple and its many fun activities make this Connecticut town a great choice for buying a home.