Tips for Selling a Home in Summer

Selling a home in the middle of summer can seem like a daunting task. After all, the days are longer, leaving more time for surprise viewings, plus the heat can make the process seem unbearable. However, selling a home during the summer months doesn’t have to be awful. Follow these tips for selling a home this summer – you’ll be surprised at how easy the process can be:


●      Let there be light. One of the best things about summer is that you can open up the windows to let in tons of light. Open houses go over well when the home looks light and airy, so play up your seasonal advantage and get the curtains and blinds open.

●      Keep it cool. Make sure your home stays cool during an open house – or any time somebody is viewing the home. This is especially important if you’ve already moved out. It may be tempting to shut off the air conditioning to save some cash, but you risk turning off potential buyers to your property. After all, if they can’t stick around long enough to view the whole home, they may skip out on the property entirely.

●      Snap up a local real estate agent. While you should always look locally when you need a real estate agent, it’s especially important to have a local agent in the summer. Gas prices always skyrocket during the summer, and you don’t want to spend precious cash driving to and from meetings. Plus, when you pick someone who’s close to the property, you’re helping that real estate agent.

●      Focus on the family. Many people who are selling a home in the summer try to relocate in time for school to start up for the fall. Likewise, most people who are buying in the summer want to be settled in by September at the latest. The closing process may have to be quick in order to give the buyers time to move before school begins.


Selling your house in the summer isn’t necessarily more challenging. If you make sure you’re prepared, your sale is sure to happen quickly – leaving you more time to enjoy your summer this year!