Selling a Home: Tips for Singles

We’ve talked extensively about whether or not singles should focus on buying a home, but what about selling a home? Singles who attempt to sell can face many issues, from figuring out how to sell a fairly small home to the challenges of selling a home in an urban area. Here are a few tips for making the most of your home selling process:


●      The price is right. The best trick for selling a home is to make sure it’s priced correctly. Many people tend to go with their emotions, and consequently they price their homes too high. A high-priced home may sit on the market for some time, making it seem less desirable. Setting the price slightly lower may lead to a bidding war, which can get the price back up to market value. It’s important to involve your real estate agent when you’re pricing your home, since they’ll have a better idea about local property values.


●      Play up the features. If you’re single, you may have purchased a smaller home that seemed to be just the right size for you. However, now that you’re selling a home, it can be tricky to sell. Make sure you play up the features of the home in your marketing efforts – an upgraded bathroom or fully remodeled basement may be your ticket to selling. The little details can charm potential buyers and help them get over the smaller size.


●      Hold an open house. Many singles avoid them since open houses tend to attract families, but single people can also hold a successful open house. Instead of the traditional cookies, make your open house classy with a vegetable or cheese platter. You may even want to consider serving wine.


●      Let there be light. You can make a small home seem larger by painting the walls a bright white and opening up the windows. Consider changing your window treatments to sheer curtains and throwing open the windows any time people come to take a look. Making the home seem bright and airy can make up for the smaller size.


Singles, don’t worry next time you’re selling a home. You can (and will!) sell your home – just make sure you read up on how to make your small home shine.