Buying a Home In San Diego: La Jolla

If you’re thinking about buying a home in San Diego, you’ll want to research different neighborhoods to determine the best location for you and your family. One popular San Diego neighborhood is La Jolla. Although the homes tend to be pricey, it’s an excellent place to live if you have the money.


According to, the average market price for a home in La Jolla is around $2.5 million, with a median price just shy of $900,000. There are currently 121 foreclosures in the area, so you may be able to pick up a home for less than market price – but it will certainly be more expensive than many other homes in San Diego. In fact, La Jolla boasted the highest home prices in the country for 2008 and 2009.


However, if you want beachfront views in a great area, you really can’t beat La Jolla. There are over ten beaches in the area, from a children’s area to a nude beach – although there are less specialized beaches that the whole family can enjoy. You can find sandy beaches and rocky beaches, and tons of areas are open to the public.


The University of California San Diego is located in La Jolla, so many professors live and work in the area. If you’re buying a home in La Jolla, you can also check out the Torrey Pines Golf Course, famous for being one of the stops on the PGA Tour. If you’re into art, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, a nationally-recognized museum, is located in the area.


Although La Jolla was initially known for its anti-Semitic housing practices, the neighborhood opened up substantially in the 1960s when UCSD opened its doors. The neighborhood is currently home to a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures and is no longer the exclusive, isolated place that it once was.


Children who live in La Jolla attend schools in the San Diego Unified School District. La Jolla Elementary School and La Jolla High School are the main public schools, but there are also a wide variety of private schools in the area.


Buying a home in La Jolla is a great investment – from the amazing public spaces to the wonderful schools, raising a family in this part of San Diego couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable. If you’re relocating to San Diego, consider buying a home in La Jolla.